Truth of Living in True Love


I never knew that true love has always been with me in all moments; here I was finding what I had been looking for my whole life. The search for true love has been a challenging journey, yet so profound in discovering that truth was just within me! Finding true love has become such an obsession that I never thought about or allowed any ideas as to giving up my search.

No doubt, my past has been immensely painful, distrusting, dark, feeling low confidence, worthless, unloved, unwanted, taken advantage of and more negative states that I have walked through, but I kept believing there was a light at the end of the tunnel. The thoughts I was carrying were destructive toward myself, filled with hatred toward the side of me that experienced being unloved. I thought about dying and taking my own life, but I feared the Divine Light that I knew existed. Then came a moment when I surrendered all that I had in me; I don’t know where it came from, only that it seemed to come from somewhere beyond what I saw and felt. I decided to call upon the Divine Light and ask for the path that would help me become aware of what I should do. And He showed me.

The night that Divine Voice came to me was the night that made me believe that the Universal Power of Love existed after all. It was a voice that moved my soul, carrying me across a stormy sea, held in a breeze of faith. When I was told by the Divine Voice to be a vegetarian for 40 days, I doubted whether to believe it or not. But I told myself to just do it, for at least I was shown a path.

My life changed further through experiences and understandings about my inner self, and by continuously looking for true love. I took an oath of Divine Love that showed me the path of True Love. I found a wonderful loving teacher who taught me about love and fear, and introduced me to Louise Hay. My Life has changed tremendously through their teachings. I continue to research about belief thoughts patterns. I did my Masters in Business Administration (Hrm) because I wanted to create models of inspiring human life through love in many areas.

Being from a 20 year corporate background, I found my calling in inspiring Love, the True Love, within. I found my true self in my work. My book Truly Love Me, published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, is now internationally moving forward to create love in humanity. Least I knew that I would be an international author, publishing articles and hosting a radio show! But here I claim that it is possible because I believe there is light in darkness. I believe there is power in the universe to hear me. I believe the same light and power is in everyone. I learned that being honest to one’s self is an opening to everything that the universe has to offer.

In my journey of loving myself, I found that true love is in me only. I was focusing outside in relationships to complete my hunger of feeling fully alive. Then I found that focusing outside for love only created a gap within me, creating more confusion as to who I am. Why do I still lack love?

Through meditation, research and loving others, I began to realize that there has never been a lack of love, but my mind was making me believe that this was true. When I was focusing on lack, it created more. When I stopped feeling and believing there was a lack of love, I felt alive and fulfilled. Slowly, I began to see prominent changes in my life.

By being aware that I was the true love energy that creates every experience around me, I felt lighter and kept receiving more divine messages that helped me and others. To believe intuition, is to be aware that we are love, and this begins with believing in ourselves and our capability to generate love unconditionally.

What’s required is to tune into the thoughts we hold, the emotions we create and the beliefs we reflect. There can never be a lack of love in us or around us. Here we are on planet earth, simply to walk as True Love, generating a love that brings bliss, peace, abundance, health and joy. It is POSSIBLE!






We are the miracle makers of our lives with others. Therefore, eliminate thoughts of lack. What’s required is to open our hearts and minds to the amazing things that Mother Nature and the Universal Divine Love provides us. We are Loving Beings made to love in all the present moments!

Thank you. Blessings of Love, Karamjeet Kaur, MBA.


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