Astrological Forecast for 2017

57865126 - astrology horoscope stars zodiac signs
57865126 - astrology horoscope stars zodiac signs
57865126 – astrology horoscope stars zodiac signs
January — Mercury turns direct on the 7th, so use the last of the retrograde wisely by thinking about your resolutions and planning goals for the year. Meditate on what would make you the happiest and dare to feel worthy of receiving that! Saturn, the planet of planning, works perfectly with optimistic, lucky Jupiter and creative Uranus. Take actions faithfully to move toward your dreams and you will manifest them!

February — Jupiter is the planet of goals and optimism, and it moves retrograde in February. This is great news since you’ll be able to keep momentum for resolutions. You’ll stay steady when tempted to be your old self. You’ll gain confidence that you can change. Keep a gratitude list so you see how much progress you’re making! Empower yourself further through affirmations and connecting with positive friends.

March — Venus, the planet of love (including self-love!), prosperity and self-worth, turns retrograde. Also, several planets are in self-sacrificing Pisces. Meditate and ponder the balance between taking care of others and having quality time for yourself. Do you need healthier boundaries? Are you giving freely or feeling overwhelmed and resentful? Even just one day this month dedicated to self-nurture can shift your mindset and relationships.

April — Venus (finances and relationships) is still retrograde until mid-month. Then Mercury and Saturn begin their retrogrades. What this means for you is to stay committed to the balanced ways of interacting with others, and maintain your commitment to self-care. When you’re centered within yourself, you have more to offer others. Also, look at spending habits. Maybe create a new budget that allows for indulgences, while still meeting all the bills and even a bit for savings!

May — This is a strong financial month and you can have great ideas that lead to prosperity, or have good news with your job. If single, you can start a new relationship, but don’t let things go to fast. Keep a level head and heart, if you can, until mid-June. If partnered, you can have breakthroughs with old issues so you can be “new” together. Let the past fade away whatever your relationship status so you’re able to attract better possibilities rather than the limitations you’re locked into from old disappointments!

June — Another strong financial month! It’s a good time to make home improvements, or even throw away old junk that doesn’t represent you anymore. Read about spirituality and money. Meditate to increase intuition and use visualizations for prosperity. Feel how it will be to achieve your goals so you can magnetize your reality to you. (This is quantum physics, not just New Age fluff!) Relationships continue to unfold so keep your heart open and optimistic.

July — Use this month to meditate and release old disappointments about relationships. Clear your heart to make room for joy and fulfillment! You can even clear up long-term patterns from your family that have been ingrained since childhood. It is never to late to heal your consciousness and have the life you want to create. You can also erase negative money programs so prosperity can flow in!

August — Examine beliefs and goals. If you feel uninspired, create a new vision and take steps in that direction to rekindle your sense of adventure and purpose. In relationships, ponder the idea that you could be wrong about someone or about a long-standing argument. Softening your viewpoint releases anger and heals old wounds. Make new commitments to fitness and healthy eating. You could discover hidden food allergies so your health and moods improve!

September — With powerful Mars being in Virgo, along with several other planets, it’s a perfect month to work with affirmations. Also, examine repetitive thoughts to see what reality you’re creating when your mind is on auto-pilot! Taking charge of your brain directs your life into success, health and joy! If you happen to feel irritated or edgy, increase meditation time each day — or at least take a few extra deep breaths so you don’t respond in ways you’ll regret.

October — Jupiter moves into Scorpio for the next 12 months, opening up a treasure-trove of prosperity, trust and passion! Meditate to heal issues around betrayal, loss and disappointment (challenging Scorpio issues), so you can reap Jupiter’s healing benefits and the blessings Scorpio has to offer. With many planets also moving through Libra, relationships flourish, and you’ll just feel good! Take stock of the year to see how many of your goals have manifested!

November — This is a relationship month, so meditate about forgiving people in your life, whether romantic, family, friends, or business colleagues. Remember that everyone is struggling in some way and is deserving of compassion and kindness. This outlook still leaves room for creating boundaries and limits, but you can set them without anger. Even if you let people go, new fulfilling connections will come in. Also, visualizing prosperity draws it in easily!

December — Mercury retrogrades near Saturn, creating a thoughtful, introspective month. Be gentle with yourself as you examine your year. Praise yourself for victories. If you fell short of goals, meditate and find one step you can take to move things in a positive direction. Simple changes bring profound and lasting results. Be constant in your actions rather than using harsh effort or self-criticism. In this way, you’ll be ready for an awesome 2018!


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