2017: A Number One Year

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2016 was a number 9 year of endings and completion. 2+0+1+6 = 9 in numerology. Back in September of last year, the Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse and Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse began the push of the coming energy of 2017. Virgo’s energy at the time of the solar eclipse intensified clarity for what needs to be refined and cleaned up in how we are living life related to our health and daily routines and regimens.

The Pisces Lunar Eclipse on September 16th, in league with the healing planet Chiron, created a deeply emotional vortex for clearing away psychic blocks and the emotional shizz of fearful and unhealthy emotional patterns. It had already begun. I believe our three consecutive super moons starting in October were yet another cosmic gift for a super fresh 2017. I went into depth about these full moon super moons on my blog.

Do you feel like a totally different person now compared to spring of last year? I do. So many things just fell away for me but also fell into place beyond what I thought was possible. A completely new cycle is upon us. Take a look at where you are procrastinating. What kind of actions could you take? What will you allow to come forth?

2017 is a 1 Year in Numerology.

2+ 0 +1 +7 =10

1+0 =1

For many, it feels as if you are shedding your whole self, not just parts. This is a good thing. It’s been in the background for us lately, nudging us to take specific steps for change. You may have felt unsure about what to do, but simultaneously feeling a change is coming on. Or, you are just ready to integrate this BAD-A&&NESS now and already know what you want to take action on! Amp it up and integrate change by cleaning up your files, house and personal papers if you are not sure. Start going through stuff and throwing out what you don’t need. Clearing clutter creates space, energy and newness. Finish to-do’s. Make them into ta-dah’s.

What are you completing? What is that one thing that has been with you your whole life that you want to be free of? We are moving from the energy of completions to a quantum-powered new beginning. What was happening for you back in 2008? 2008 was a 1 year as well. You may see a reoccurring theme or feel a freshness for the future. It may feel like life as you know it can never be the same and you would not want it to be. Many will consider changing careers or feel as if they will suffocate if they don’t follow their heart. Many will step forward and begin to finally share their true calling. Many spirit-seekers will come out of the closet and lovers of the Divine Goddess! My intuition tells me this can be a very organic change if we choose that and things fall into place.

Challenge your views and habits. What really works for you? What are you doing that sucks your energy dry or disempowers you? What boundaries will be needed now? Which people lift you up and help you see the beauty and possibility you are? What will you allow to come forth? The rest of the month will offer up more clarity.

Be on the lookout for a-ha’s and huge insights now. Believe now that you can leave the past behind even if the future feels unformed or far-off. Hang out in feeling good and blissful. You are in the realm of quantum possibility and magic…and you are super-loved.


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