A New Sense of Self


Welcome to the new year! Is one of your goals to be happier? And, are you wondering how to do that?

Dormant within each of us is our true self. A self that is undefined by the experiences we’ve had in this lifetime. It is the self that has not been brainwashed by parents, teachers or society, yet. It is the self that still is connected with the Divine, the self that is still only Love and Acceptance.

And, who is this true self? Only you can delve deep and know. Finding and knowing your true self is the journey we all have to take in our lifetime to know the happiness, love and self-acceptance that has always been there all the time. You just disconnected from it for a while.

Start noticing how you feel. Are you really thinking your programs, or are you actually feeling your inner, heart-felt feelings? Do you find yourself saying things to yourself such as, “I feel like dancing,” “I feel like having pie,” “I feel that you are mean to me,” “I feel that life is unfair,” “I feel stupid.” These are all actually thoughts, not feelings, which means they could be a program and not your true feelings, but someone else’s thoughts and judgments.

Anytime you find yourself saying/thinking “I feel that…”, that is a thought. And, words like “stupid” and “dummy” and worse, are judgments besides. These thoughts/programs are not necessarily your path to inner joy, or knowing your true self.

One way to connect with how you are feeling is whether you can draw a face to match the feeling. How do you draw a “like dancing” face? A “life is unfair” face? Yet, you can draw a happy face or a resentful face. A “stupid” face might actually be a confused emotion/face…. that you can draw. See what I mean?

When you get to identifying and acknowledging your feelings, just accept them. Emotions are only transitory energy like everything else. At some point, you will notice your heart “singing” or feeling joyful. That wonderful feeling lets you know that your true self is communicating with you. It may take a while because you may not have been listening, and so your true self may have stopped talking to you.

Meditation is a great way to start connecting, as is journaling. Both allow for acceptance of the self and the space to hear it. Remembering what you liked as a child before others told you who you are can also be helpful in re-discovering and connecting with your true self. The more you feel and listen within, the more of a new sense of self you connect with.

So just try it. Listen within and feel. Let your heart’s song guide you to your new sense of self, your inner happiness and joy that you already have just waiting to be discovered within you this year. Let this year be your happiest deep within yet!

Love and Light, Miche Lame’


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