Why We Should Start Our Goals Quietly

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by Dottie Hollingsworth

People always seem to be asking, “How do I achieve my goals?”

My answer is always the same – don’t tell anybody. No, really. Don’t tell anyone. Not a single person, for at least a week, maybe more.

I will sit with something for 2-3 days before I utter a word to even my spouse or closest of friends, with the reason being that, everything is energetic. We are raised to believe we need to brainstorm with others, build a support system, and conditioned to want to scream from the rooftops in our excitement, our declaration to quit smoking, lose weight, go back to school, etc. But I urge you, don’t. Not yet.

In working with people through my Reiki practice and general life connections, I have come to the conclusion that goals and ideas come to fruition through a series of stages. Ideas begin in what I call the “etheric” stage. It’s above us, around us, not from us, but coming to us and maybe from within us. We can feel it. We are open and ideas are flowing. It’s not quite of this world, yet.

Here, we often feel inspired and motivated. We don’t necessarily have a plan, but we’re ready. This is where we often find ourselves stopped before we’ve started if we are not mindful. Here, in our audacious enthusiasm, we often declare our readiness to our friends, Facebook, and even strangers. But our idea is in its infancy. It’s delicate. It’s still “up in the air” and grossly subject to the energies of everyone’s thoughts and feelings about it. The desire to talk about our goal is real, but mindfulness is key.

The problem is that many people inadvertently create an energy of failure around us. Some don’t believe in us or may not even want us to succeed. Others may wholeheartedly believe in us, appear to want it for us more than we want it ourselves, but hold a limiting belief about our current ability or chances of succeeding. All of these things can energetically effect and potentially alter our path before it can begin to manifest in what I call the “earth plane level”.

Here in the earth plane level, our idea has come down from the realm of the whimsical and fleeting, and has taken some root into the world itself; it begins to feel more real. We begin putting together our plans by looking up classes, exploring options on-line, gathering information, etc. We have come down from our over-zealous excitement and “pulled our heads out of the clouds”.

I often will stay in these stages for 3-5 days doing everything I mentioned above — planning, gathering, thinking in depth how this idea/goal could truly effect my life and those in it. I found it is usually safe at this point to consult an experienced person for advice or someone I know who without a doubt, has my best interest at heart. This person should be someone who has shown time and time again their unwavering support, love, and faith in your ability to succeed; someone who will listen, reinforce your plan, and offer positive advice without being intrusive.

The last stage is what I call the “physical stage”. This is where I finally start telling people. I don’t make a huge statement on social media or call all of my friends in the same day, but I will talk about it. Releasing it into the world now is different than it was before. We are more apt to find the success we seek because we have allowed a solid foundation to be built under and around our goal; it has manifested itself in the real world and not just floating around in our dreams anymore. Each goal or creative endeavor has its own timeline. At this point, I’m living some of these changes in my everyday life — I’ve been to the gym, I’ve sent that application, or I’ve become active in a support group. Basically, I’ve taken action. Most of us find ourselves here a few weeks after the initial thought/idea came into our awareness.

Getting here without unleashing wild ideas too soon allows us the time and space to feel it out for ourselves, with ourselves, maybe with one or two particular people, and God as we understand him or her. We have trusted ourselves, God, and the process. Here is where I usually begin sharing my journey. Here is our life change.

Here’s to 2017, cheers!

Dottie is a master level Reiki Practitioner, hospice nurse, and columnist with elephant journal. She has a passion for holistic approaches to illness and making positive lifestyle changes. Her education and experience began almost a decade ago in the metro Detroit area.


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