Will Your New Year’s Resolutions Succeed?

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This is the time of year many people make New Year’s resolutions. Have you made yours? If so, what would you like to accomplish? Perhaps you want to give up smoking. There are many reasons why people want to quit. Maybe you want to be able to keep up with your children but get winded too quickly. Or, you feel guilty about smoking in the house. Maybe your health is being affected and you want to be around when your kids are older, or be around for your grandchildren. Or, maybe you don’t like the cigarette smell on your clothes or furniture, etc. These are all good reasons to quit.

Maybe your resolution is to lose weight. Again, there are a lot of advantages to slimming down. Many illnesses result from being overweight. Perhaps you already have an illness or are in physical pain due to an excess of weight. Remaining overweight will only make matters worse. Maybe you’re going to get married soon and you want to look your best at the wedding. Or maybe you want to look good at the beach when summer arrives. Being overweight often affects one’s self-esteem. Once you get the weight off, you feel a lot better about yourself. Perhaps, as in smoking, you want to exercise more but find the excess weight makes it very difficult to get out there and do some form of exercise. Losing weight would certainly be helpful.

While weight loss and quitting smoking are two of the important resolutions people make, there are many others such as starting an exercise program, getting more organized, eliminating procrastination, taking a class, developing a positive habit, doing volunteer work, drinking less alcohol, getting a better education, and many more.

Did you know, however, that according to research performed at the University of Scranton, just 8% of the people who make New Year’s resolutions are successful at achieving their goal? Not very encouraging, is it? There are a variety of reasons why so many people do not succeed.

One reason is that the neural pathways in the brain are quite strong and the resolution is not powerful enough to overcome the ingrained habits. Another reason is that the subconscious part of the brain is not in agreement with the change. Anytime there is a conflict between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, the subconscious will always win. A third reason is that the individual has some very deep seated beliefs, or core issues, that are preventing the person from making a healthy choice. For example, if a person believes he or she is not worthy of success or happiness, it is not likely that the individual will be successful in changing the unwanted habit. If you don’t feel like you deserve it, it is not going to happen. Of course, there are other reasons why resolutions don’t work, but these three are very common.

The good news is that there is a relatively easy way to overcome each of the above obstacles. It is with the use of hypnosis. Hypnosis can help you get your subconscious mind and your conscious mind in agreement with each other. Once this occurs, the change can take place and will last. Hypnosis can also help you create new neural pathways. This would lead to the elimination of the old undesirable patterns and thus result in a much more successful outcome. Finally, hypnosis can help you get in touch with your unhealthy core beliefs and then replace them with much healthier beliefs. Once this is accomplished, it will be much easier to accomplish the desired goal. With hypnosis, you can make these changes in a relatively short period of time, and thus save a great deal of money. Hypnosis has been shown to work much faster than many other forms of therapy.

If you have ever experienced hypnosis, you know it is very pleasant and relaxing. In fact, many people report that they didn’t want to come out of the hypnotic state because it felt so good. If you can imagine being completely relaxed, in a beautiful place where there are no worries or fears, you will have a sense of how joyful hypnosis feels. If you would like to experience hypnosis, or learn more about it, please call Phil Rosenbaum at: 248-688-6469. It’s OK to be happy.


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