YES, God IS Listening


Prayer, what a wonderful tool that God has given us. I was asked once why I believe in prayer. In honesty, I hadn’t ever given it a thought before. Being raised in a Christian home, it was simply ‘what we did’. However, after a few moments of thought spirit gave me the answer. Here it is; where we face so many hopeless situations, prayer gives us a sense of hope.

Think about our world. Can you think of any “hopeless” situations which you might have faced? I find it ironic that most of the people who pray regularly are people who by nature of their personality, are not comfortable asking for help. They are people who will say first, “I got this,” “I’ll figure it out.” Only when all efforts have proven futile do they pause humbly and ask God to intercede, not with a gift, but with a way. Almost always a solution is offered. In those times where an immediate remedy is not offered, do you find yourself saying, “God, I don’t know if you can hear me,” or “God, are you there?”

There are some things which we should consider before “unfriending” God. First, let’s remember that we were born with the intellect to solve virtually all of the situations which we are presented with that are part of our destiny. When we find a challenge that is beyond our scope of understanding, this same intellect coupled with technology can lead us to a resolution. If all else fails, do we consider that this challenge or hardship may just be a necessary lesson in the developmental aspect of fulfilling our destiny?

As a life coach for more than 40 years, I find that the biggest cause of “desperate” pleas for help from God, is our own ego of bad judgment. From actual cases, “God, please don’t let my husband/wife find out that I have been unfaithful,” or, “God, I’m sorry I gambled away our house payment. Please, please, please let me find $1200 dollars by the 21st.” Sound familiar? Of course not all people fall into this category, but transgressions such as these do not happen by accident. Rather, they involve a conscious decision to cross the lines of integrity or common sense. In other words, we have brought our troubles upon ourselves and we want God to bail us out.

We know that we all have spirit guides whose sole choice is to help us make it through this physical existence. How often do you communicate with your guides? I spoke earlier about intellect. Are you thinking as you go through life? Do you think of both the rewards AND consequences of the actions you are planning? How strongly do you stick to your integrity? In your conversations with God are they always about your needs, or do you include a prayer of thanksgiving with each contact?

What of your contact with your guides? Do you have daily contact with them? In my classes, I have a little test of logic. See how YOU would answer this question. You have two friends. They have both been friends for the same amount of time. Friend A, frequently calls you or stops by. Each time he does, he asks if you need anything. When you were sick last year, he sent you a card; on more than one occasion, he helped by cutting your grass. After you helped him a few years ago, he sent you and your wife a gift card from a favorite restaurant as a thank you.

Friend B is more distant, he seldom calls, or stops by. After you recovered from your illness he did stop by (at dinner time) to say he was glad you had recovered. When he does contact you the meetings/calls are short and most often include an innuendo of something he needs from you. Then, both men fall on hard times and need $100 fast. You have only $100 to lend, whom do you give it to?

If you say Friend B, you are incredibly trusting, and probably realize that the hundred will have one-way wings on it and will probably never be seen again. Friend A is the most likely to be your choice because he is more familiar and approachable. Do you think prayer is any different? If you seek God only occasionally and in times of need, never giving thanks or using your intellect to avoid or resolve your own problems, how can you expect a quick and positive response? A phrase I’ve often heard is, “I’m a better friend to them than they are to me.” Where do you fall? Do you pray daily and thank God and His angels for their blessings and support?

If not, you should. Simply start your day with a simple blessing such as, “Thank you God for your wondrous love and blessings and for the opportunities this day provides.” Pray for others first, perhaps you know of someone facing cancer or financial challenges. If so, ask God to bless them and take away their hardships. Only after thoughtful consideration ask for guidance to a solution. Be willing to do your part to fix your problem; don’t simply expect the solution to be GIVEN to you.

God is a loving and nurturing Father. Also, the universe is bountifully generous. Be patient. Remember, we pray in OUR time and God answers in His time in accordance with the fulfillment of our destiny. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.


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