Using Crystals to Transition from Completion in 2016 to New Beginnings in 2017


In basic numerology, you add all the numbers together until you get a single digit, unless you have double numbers which makes it a master number and means the properties of the numerological energies are doubled, such as 11 or 22. 2016 adds up to a 9, which makes a lot of sense as to why last year may have seemed tough at times for most people. 9 is the number of completion.

All year we were working on letting go, saying good-bye, completing things we’ve started. Often during these times, if we are living in fear we may see these things occurring around us as hard, or a loss or lack of. New change can seem scary and confusing at times. But when we can see these things from a place of gratitude and that they are happening to us as part of the divine plan, new beginnings can be exciting, full of adventure, new doors opening for us and exploring of the unknown.

There are a lot of great stones that can be used to help us through these transitioning times. We have stones that help us prepare for the change and transition, we also have stones that prepare us and our bodies for all the new beginnings and doors opening for us, with an infinite amount of possibilities in every given moment. One of the reasons I enjoy working with stones so much is because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to use.

Most stones work through piezoelectric pyroelectric activation. Pyroelectric is through heat, it doesn’t take much heat to activate the molecules in the stone — our body temperature is more than enough. Piezoelectric is activation through pressure; when we hold the crystals and give them a little squeeze the molecules in the crystal are activated and the stone starts transmitting its properties. I usually suggest to people to keep the crystal on them, in their auric field for 30 days. This is a good amount of time for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to make their adjustments.

If you want to use one of these stones to aid you during your transitioning time, meditating and using visualization with the stone can be very beneficial. When we hold a stone and visualize our intentions for 15 minutes, we are actually programming the stone. It’s kind of like telling the crystal what we need it to do. A good visualization to use for helping us during transition can be to hold one of the mentioned stones you resonate with.

Prepare yourself for meditation. Then, see or feel change occurring in your life and you flowing easily and smoothly with all of it, like being on a raft in calm waters. Some suggestions may be, seeing change occurring around you while you maintain a perfect calm peaceful meditative state of being, or, if you know what the transition is that is going to occur, you can see yourself maintaining a calm peaceful demeanor the whole time.

There are a number of crystals that can be used to help us flow easier and smoother with all the change occurring in our lives. Any of these stones can be used with the meditation and you only need one. Bloodstone is a great crystal to have during change; it enhances our inner strength and courage making every situation seem surmountable. Calcite speeds up our growth and development, opening us to higher awareness while strengthening our psychic abilities. Celestite transmits a deep peaceful energy helping us to remain harmonious in stressful times. Celestite opens us up to new experiences and higher divine vibrational energies. Chrysoprase is calming and non-egotistical, helping us to be more open in new situations. Chrysoprase transmits hope, forgiveness and compassion, helping all big tasks or stress to not seem so overwhelming.

Chiastolite helps us with change and problem solving by dissolving our fears and illusions. Chiastolite helps ease us through the transition from one situation to the next. Danburite helps to smooth the road ahead. Danburite is an excellent stone to use facilitating deep change and letting go of the past; it opens the heart chakra and links it with the higher chakras. Kunzite removes obstacles from our path, helping us to adjust to change. Kunzite has a very high vibration, helping us to shift from a place of fear to a place of joy and gratitude. It’s excellent for alleviating depression, heartache, stress and anxiety. Labradorite helps us to appreciate and see the beauty and magic in all aspects of life. Labradorite is protective and enhances all of our psychic abilities. It strengthens faith and trust in the self and the universe, and helps to banish past life fears and disappointments.

Larimar radiates love and peace, and naturally raises our consciousness and harmonizes our body and soul to new vibrations. Lepidolite has a high content of lithium, which is great for alleviating depression; it also helps us to accept that we are exactly where we are supposed to be in the moment. Malachite clears and activates all of our chakras, enhancing our psychic abilities, attuning us into spiritual guidance and opens us to unconditional love. Malachite is a stone of transformation, helping us to flow easily through all obstacles. It encourages adventure, change and risk taking.

Peridot helps us release burdens, guilt and “old baggage”. Peridot helps us release old patterns and old vibrations so a new frequency can be accessed. Peridot also helps to bring about necessary change. Rose Quartz teaches the essence of true love, draws away negative energy and fills the space with unconditional love. Rose Quartz aids in the acceptance that change is necessary, and teaches us how to love ourselves. Rutilated Quartz cleanses and energizes our auras as well as connects us in with our highest guidance. Rutilated Quartz reaches to the root of the issue, facilitating transition and change of direction. Rutilated Quartz is an antidepressant; it relieves fears, phobias, anxiety, constrictions and counters self-hatred.

Seraphinite promotes loving from the heart and connects us in with the angelic realm. Seraphinite also helps us to see the changes we need to make toward a path of fulfillment and peace. Tigers Eye assists in anchoring change in our physical bodies, and helps us resolve internal dilemmas and conflict. Tigers Eye enhances our self-worth, confidence and creativity. It also enhances our psychic abilities.

Let your highest self guide you to what crystals can benefit you during times of change. Have fun!


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