Feeling the Squeeze?


When the world or your life begins to feel restrictive, be prepared for an upcoming birth. Like a child in the womb just prior to birth finds the womb restrictive, our world is feeling a transformational squeeze. If given the choice to remain comfortable in the womb, would a child ever leave? Maybe not! Many humans might wish that the world, limited though it is, would continue to be comfortable enough in its present state so we wouldn’t have to face the unknown that is coming in our future. That however is a self-defeating attitude, so the universe helps us over our inertia by making things uncomfortable enough that we will let go of the status quo. So, when you feel the world as you know it growing uncomfortable and tight, prepare to be birthed into a new experience of life. It will be worth going through the changes, no need to fear!

Recent decades have seen tremendous expansion in social and spiritual growth and opening of consciousness; but that has been just preparing us for the change we are now undergoing. Please pardon my switching metaphors, but it was as though life were tilling and enriching the soil of our souls so a seed of our true selves could be nurtured and begin to grow. This seed of our true selves, which has indeed been nurtured within us, carries greater potential than we have previously known. Now, as it breaks open its metaphorical seed coat and prepares to sprout, it is encountering resistance in the world, like the soil the seedling must grow through. Our soul seedling must work through this restrictive substance to break the surface into the light of day and discover its rightful place in the world. This process makes it grow stronger and more self-aware, building potentials it will need in the next phase of experience.

When we find ourselves restricted, this is often an indication that we have been doing exactly what we should do, not an indication of failure. Within us is growing the seed of love, truth, wholeness and freedom and it has become strong enough to face a new stage of growth. We need to honor our current phase in the world and its challenges, to utilize this period to mature and grow strong. Then when we have broken through the soil of darkness, ignorance, fear and hatred, we will be in position to birth enlightenment, truth, love, forgiveness and joy.

Through all of eternity, we have been preparing for this time; everything we have experienced was designed to develop our bodies, emotions, mind, spirit and soul to give birth to our eternal spiritual essence. Each of us has a unique essence, which is a part of the unity and wholeness of life. Our current phase of evolution called ascension, is the time where we grow out of the limitations of the past so we can enter a more enlightened experience. What appears to be hopeless in the world is the breaking down of the seed coat of our old identities, so we can push through the darkness of our old experience and into the light of day.

There is a leap of faith needed here. We need to trust the seed of our truth within and focus ourselves toward the light which awaits us. When you see the world being restrictive, hateful or lacking in abundance, remember this is a sign that great change is ready to occur. Our eternal, true spiritual nature is pushing through the old world to birth a brand-new world on a clearer and truer dimension of experience. Like a child being born to loving parents, or a seed breaking through fertile ground, when we arrive in that new place, there will be everything we need to realize our potential. In the meantime, we have exactly what we need now to motivate us to release our old familiar womb and surrender to the inevitable birth that is to come. Restriction is our friend; though it may not please us, it will bring us home to a better place than ever before. Birthing is always a squeeze!

The transition we are making on earth is going to take time, so be patient with yourself and others. There will be ups and downs, stay centered in your true self and keep your focus on the goal of the new world that is coming. Resist the urge to be impatient, to judge the journey or succumb to fear. Where you feel those things, it is an opportunity to push through the soil of the old world and let a little more light into the here and now. Every time you do that, you are growing your new potential and ascending to integrate your enlightened self a little bit more.


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