Love – The Essential Fuel


The journey into love is not only a personal journey for ourselves, but a journey for the good of us all. When we talk about love in this context, we talk about it as an energy, a power, a force that can heal, change and transform. The physicist, Amit Goswami, suggests that the reality of quantum mechanics at the human level is love. This is where the “boundaries of the self are transcended through the experience of unity, in spite of apparent separateness.” As such, love is the great harmonizing force in all creation. It is the energy that inspires and motivates us to heal. It is, however, not just the motivator, it is also the vehicle. It is the means by which our highest aspirations and deepest feelings are expressed. In “The Nine Freedoms” by Dr. George King, the Second Freedom is Love: “Love is the transmuter of war. It is the creator of Peace. Love as such is the healer of disease.”

The journey of the heart is now even more vital. This was the soulful path of the mystic, the yogi and the saint; it was the path of the poet and the artist. Now, with the world hovering on the brink of change – unsure whether it will be destruction or greater spirituality – we can no longer leave it to the yogi, the poet, or the saint.

Now the time is urgent for global change. It is vital that all caring, thoughtful humans are prepared to use the power of love – that mystic fuel of the heart – to help strengthen and heal ourselves as well as others. Now the need to reveal our deeper nature is ever more pressing. When we look at the state of our world, we know that more needs to be done. Our caring hearts yearn to do more, yet our capacity seems full.

However, as French novelist Andre Malraux, expressed, “The twenty-first century will be spiritual, or it will not be at all.”

The capacity of a loving heart is as infinite as creation itself; we have just to learn how to unlock its mysterious power. How do we begin to ignite this infinite source of loving power within us? How will it change our lives if we do? Do we want that change? Do we have an alternative?

If our everyday lives have become increasingly competitive, full of stress, anxiety and the ever-increasing pursuit of materialism so that we can just pay the bills, it is vital we reconnect with our hearts. Many people are on an endless treadmill with little relief in sight; a vicious circle that leads to limitation and anxiety. Because of this, they feel an increasing emptiness, sense of futility and restlessness.

Materialistic conditioning encourages us to take from life and to aspire to possessions in abundance. It requires courage and honesty to be aware of this conditioning; to draw from life’s bounty what we need but also to give back. Our inherent spiritual nature has a limitless quality like the Sun, radiant and powerful beyond measure. When we take the spiritual path of love, we shall, like the life-giving Sun, warm those we meet, as well as those we shall never meet.

Everyone is our relative. We live on the same planet and we come from the same family. We are bound together so tightly that everything we do affects everyone else. Lynne McTaggart, in her book, “The Intention Experiment”, uses science to prove this reality. In this groundbreaking exploration of the science of intention, she draws on the findings of leading scientists from around the world to prove what the mystics have known for centuries – that thought is a thing that affects other things.

Our thoughts are so powerful that they affect other people and our environment. When we color our thoughts with the energy of love, we have a miraculous power that can heal ourselves, others and the world as a whole. The power of love is a central theme of the great religions and of many teachings concerning human transformation.

Each one of us is an essential part of the whole, and our thoughts and actions have a ripple effect that affects the whole. Once we understand this, we can more fully develop a loving consciousness, bringing harmony, healing and light all around us.

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© Extract from “Deeper into Love: 7 Keys to a Heart-based Spirituality” by Chrissie Blaze. Mill City Press, 2010.


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