5 Easy Ways to Clear Energy in Your Home

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When your energy feels low, humdrum days can easily take a dive for the pits. Taking some kind of action and giving your environment a bit of “tszuj” changes the energy in your space instantly. Pronounced “zhuj”, it means adding a little extra “special-something”. Fashion guru, Carson Kressly, made this word popular. Bringing order and a bit of magic to your home can help you feel better fast. Here are some tips to quickly shift the vibe in your space.

Clear clutter
Pick a spot in your house such as a closet or a pile of papers to organize. Throw away things you don’t need. Get rid of papers sitting out and piles of things you have been meaning to put away.

Put on music
Music is an instant energy shifter. If you need to calm down, put on some great meditation music like “AngelEarth Music” or mood-lifting yoga compilation CDs. If you are in a funk you might want to bring on the funk! I love Led Zeppelin to get me in a great space!

Clean your floors
Get rid of the dust and dirt. Clean under and around things. Moving things changes energy, making your space seem brand new.

Light incense
Safely burn your favorite incense. Set your intention to clear negative or stagnant energy. In Feng Shui, the ancient art of placement, clapping your hands in room corners cleans out dead energy, so you can bring in positive and happy vibrations.

Bring in fresh air
Open your windows. If it’s cold outside, opening doors and windows for a brief ten minutes works wonders. Even this short amount of fresh air can make a huge difference.

Add beauty
Get some fresh flowers. Add crystals, orchids or beautiful plants. Give the plants you already have a gentle shower to clear dust. Do this at least four times a year if you can. Getting the dust off them makes their air purifying powers more potent. They’ll be singing from being cleaned and feeling refreshed.

Clearing out clutter creates room for more. Putting on music and cleaning-up instantly shifts the feel of your space. I don’t know about you, but I feel a difference when my house is cleaned and uncluttered. That feeling is the vibrational shift you have created. Make space for what you want. It’s a great way to start the year. Adorned with crystals, plants and flowers, and cleansed with fresh air and incense, your home will be shiny, bright and twinkling with delight.


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