How You Can Make A Tremendous Difference in the World


We all know there is pain and suffering and injustices in the world, and yet we feel powerless to change it. We are just one person and often resign ourselves with the thought, “What difference can I make?”

The common response most people take is to join a group that supports their cause. They may write letters, speak out, or even join a protest march. All of these are worthwhile activities and when joined with thousands of other like-minded individuals, a powerful voice is created. And when enough voices join together, change can occur. But there is more.

Because society thinks only in terms of the physical dimension of matter and not the underlying energies, they do not understand that everything is connected and that the inner affects the outer.

Before voices can be heard and external action can take hold, another change must occur. The change I am referring to is a change in the collective consciousness. Since everything we see and experience is an out picturing of our consciousness, if you want to see change in the outer world you also have to change the inner world. The above actions for change are unlikely to be successful without this underlying change.

Consciousness provides the foundation for change in the external world. But it does more. It can help bring about the change not only faster but paradoxically with less effort. So when we are looking to make change in the world, if we want it to be easy and rapid, then we need to be the change we seek.

I know everyone has heard of a BnB (Bed ‘n Breakfast) and probably enjoyed one or two as well. But what I am calling for is BMB. Breathe. Meditate. Be.

This is actually the fastest way to change the world. Meditation and conscious breathing bring you into altered states of higher consciousness. They provide you with a fertile ground for mystical experiences. These experiences transform. Words do not and cannot have the same impact.

When you go inward you experience a deeper part of yourself. This part is free of illusion, it is infinite and it is the truth of who you really are. When you allow this experience to rise to the surface of your being, it changes you and it cannot be undone. Every cell in the body remembers who they are. What you think, the words you speak, and how you act is transformed.

Consider this: You give a talk on your subject of passion, and you get a good response. Then you have a mystical experience and are changed by it. Later you give the same talk with the same words and the audience is inspired. They come up to you afterwards, they thank you; they are ravenous for more.

Same talk; different result. Who you are when you act makes all the difference. This is why in our Ascension Breathing programs one of the primary things we teach is to first connect to Source and then from that place of connection, insight and wisdom, move into the world. Your words and actions will have more power and, therefore, will be more effective.

But there is more you must do.

Just as one point is not trend, one experience does not make a person new. You must be consistent in your practice for it to make a lasting difference. Otherwise, it is but a fond distant memory as opposed to a new state of being.

Studies have shown that when meditators come together and focus on a common intention, change was created when none was expected. Hospital emergency room visits declined. Violent crime was reduced. There was a high correlation between cause and effect. But when the meditators stopped, the results returned back to their normal patterns. What happened?

The meditators were only able to maintain their positive intentions when they were in an altered state. The Master, however, lives the higher energies in every moment in every way. Do not be dismayed. Mastery is not that far off. That is why we like conscious breathing. It can level, set and uplift your consciousness in seconds and keep you connected and powerful throughout your day.

Imagine what the world would be like if we all decided there is nothing more important than to Be Peace. That resonance would bring heaven to earth. It takes a very small percentage of people to raise the consciousness of the masses. No one knows where the tipping point is and you may be that point.

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The following quote is widely attributed to Irish Philosopher Edmund Burke , “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil was that good men should do nothing.”


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