You Are More Connected and Powerful Than You Know


It was 1997 at the University of Geneva in Switzerland that an experiment was run that forever changed the world. A photon (a small atomic particle of light) was split into two identical parts. The particles were sent in two different directions each for a distance of seven miles. At that point, they could go either left or right. Conventional physics says the results would be random. To the astonishment of the world’s scientists, it was anything but random. What one did, the other did instantaneously without the passing of any time. Impossible, but there it is.

This was proof of quantum entanglement and has been repeated many times over. Taking this further they found that when you affect one particle, the other is equally and instantaneously affected despite being separated by vast differences. Physicists have also observed this in galaxies. Two galaxies created at the same time and despite being light years apart, what happens to one instantly happens to the other. While this may surprise scientists, the esoterics are not surprised but are inwardly smiling that science is catching up to what they intuitively and intimately know already.

At the time of the creation of the Universe, scientists tell us that all matter was condensed in an incredibly compact space about the size of a pea. It held unfathomable energy. When the big bang occurred, this matter fragmented into an infinite number of particles. What was once one was now split into many. And by extension, just like in the experiment at the University of Geneva, what affects one affects the all. If we are all formed from stardust, then we are part of the beginning and we are connected to everything and everyone.

Stop for a minute. Take a deep breath and breathe in the significance of that. We are all connected. We are all one. Science has proved that what we do to one we do to the other. I don’t think we really understand how profound this really is. The ancient Vedas tell us this, the Native Americans know this, religions teach this and yet our actions continue to support the view that we are separate. It is my hope that science helps us awaken further and deeper to this truth and helps reach those who may not yet believe we are one.

This means we are not victims. We have tremendous power to change the world. Uplift your consciousness and everyone is uplifted. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Where have we heard that before? The Golden Rule is based on us being connected to each other. This means that what you do to another you are doing to yourself. This is the Law of Karma in action. And this is what is meant by Give that Which You Wish to Receive.

All spiritual teachings and concepts come back to one underlying truth, we are all one. Even still this is hard for us to digest at a level that makes a difference because the body’s physical senses tell us and the mind’s conclusion is that it is not true.

This is why it is paramount that we go within to have a different kind of experience, one that overrides the conclusions of the mind and body. This is where we connect to our Source, to our oneness and to each other. When you do so, you will be uplifted to new and higher states of consciousness; new awarenesses will be revealed and the result for you will be more ease, peace and joy.

“Come on people now.
Smile on your brother.
Everybody get together.
Try to love one another. Right now.”
Lyrics from the song Get Together
popularized by The Youngbloods

As the popular song “Get Together” calls on us … Come on people now, let’s all rise up and give more love, give more kindness, be compassionate, forgive those as we have been forgiven. Be the change we wish to see. This is the ascension into heaven that is foretold. You will be blessed beyond measure in ways you cannot yet comprehend.

I challenge you to be more of all that you are capable of being. For one week, give these energies so that you can be these energies. How hard can it be? The more we do this and the more of us who do it, makes it easier for everyone else to follow.

Since we are all human, we may take a step backward but that does not matter. If you catch yourself being the opposite of what you desire, then simply start your week over. Let us know how you are doing by posting a comment in this blog (see the author’s website where this article also appears at:

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