On Death and Dying


My work at Mystiques~West brings me into frequent contact with people who have experienced the death of a friend, family member or loved one. They’ll say, “I lost my mom last April.” The term lost is inappropriate due to the fact that they aren’t L O S T. Their physical life has ended, but as I tell so many, “I have found them.” Those folks who are trying to find peace after the death of a significant person in their life, most often would like the assurance that the departed have arrived in Paradise safely and are doing OK.

When we return to spirit, we enter a state of all knowledge, so your loved ones know what you need to hear. Often they bring reassurance to us in a dream, or through séance. Even if you have not been contacted by your dearly departed, you may rest assured they are wonderful. If you can find a copy of Ruth Montgomery’s, “The Unobstructed Universe” as channeled by Arthur Ford, you will receive a great sense of enlightenment about life beyond our physical existence.

Here’s what I know from spirit communications. When you arrive in spirit, you are received by friends, family members and loved ones who have preceded you in death. After what I have deemed a “Grand Reunion” we have a life’s review in which every action in our life is reviewed and evaluated. Part of our “state of all knowledge” incorporates what we have learned from our life review.

The Natural Law, The law of attraction, will draw us to those souls who are on the same spiritual frequency as we are. Also, there is no jealousy there. Spirit recognizes the needs of our society and that we are generally better off if we are “coupled.” Those with multiple marriages or deep romances needn’t worry, since spirit is a perfect existence, those there can only wish for your happiness while remaining in the physical expression. The temperature is perfect for our needs, and there is generally a musical background. Also, all your pets will be there to greet you, and even though time has passed since you were separated, they will remember you.

As to your appearance, you can look any way you want, any age, any size. Of course if you faced a physical damage while living, or a mobility problem, it will be completely erased. Your spiritual body will remain intact and perfect. We know that feelings are far more intense there, so when you are reunited with your soul mate you will find a fulfillment you have never imagined possible, and a love that is deeper than you could conceive.

What of hell? This answer may get me some conflict, but from what I can determine, there is no such place as hell. In my 40 plus years as a spirit medium, I have conducted hundreds of séances, and I know many other mediums, some with a longer practice than myself, never once has any spirit ever come through and said, “Help me, I’m in hell.”

What spirit usually shows is a complete spiritual body; if the person suffered before death they’re shown restored and vibrant. In my early years of spiritual discovery, I did a lot of reading about those persons who had experienced a near-death experience. Do you know that not a single one, no, not even one, wanted to come back to the physical plane. They were amazed at the sense of peace they felt, and had no desire to return. They were surrounded by loved ones, beautiful music, and a sensation of completeness. All were told that it wasn’t their time yet, and they had to return – even against their desires.

I tell my clients, your loved one is in paradise. It’s like the Disneyworld of your dreams. They still love you and want to let you know they are happy and doing well. They will talk to you. Death is simply the final step in our physical expression. It doesn’t need to be feared, and YES, your friends, family members or loved one are doing well. Why not join us on a Wednesday night at Mystiques~West! 36356 Ford Road, Westland. 734-729-8019. Our public séance begins promptly at 7:00 PM.


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