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Psychometry is the ability to interpret information surrounding inanimate objects by using the sense of touch or a psychic connection. In a basic example, a pan with food inside is placed onto the stove to heat the food within. The stove places heat onto the bottom of the pan (this is transfer of energy), the pan then heats the food inside (known as a psychic imprint). This simple concept explains how energy transfer happens. This example is very similar to what occurs to an inanimate object as it comes in contact with a living being. The energy from the living being is transferred into the inanimate object creating a psychic imprint on or within the object. The energy transfer can dissipate with time or be retained in the object forever. In this type of discipline, the psychic energies of the object will carry the information, or what we call a psychic impression – a person skilled in psychometry knows how to filter and pick these impressions up.

So how can you practice the art of Psychometry?

Now that we know a little more about psychometry, let us set up a practice. Gather a group of friends together and ask them to bring personal items from a loved one that has passed such as jewelry, watches, rings or necklaces. These items become infused with energy and will then have a psychic imprint. Any piece of jewelry containing a natural crystal stone amplifies the energetic signals.

Place the jewelry in a bowl or on a table, with your left hand pick up one object at a time. When you place the object in your hand, calm your thoughts and see what impression you are receiving. It might be a person, place or a feeling you are experiencing. Work to create a link with the object as you are holding it. Feel the emotion contained within the item; try to see or sense any events or circumstances attached to this item. See if you hear anything about the object or sensing who the person is who owned that item. This way of reading is quite similar to a psychic reading, though you are focusing on the connection to the object in your hand to build the information. Then see who you feel this item is connecting to in the room and what connection it has to that individual.

When you are done with the images, ask the owner about the information you have received. Some items will be harder than others if the psychic imprint is low.

There are other objects that also have a strong psychic imprint

Photos – photos printed on paper containing people and family retain a lot of emotional and relationship information.

Oil portraits and landscapes – oil paintings seem to infuse a psychic imprint, especially when a painter has been commissioned for a personal portrait.

Walls – in old buildings, residual energies of the past gather, providing you with insights on information about the events of the past.

Furniture – furniture made out of wood or metal, especially armchairs, couches, tables and beds provide insight into the family dynamics or can give you a deeper knowledge about the person that used to be there.

Toys – children’s toys dealing with child problems contain vital information about emotional and mental states.

If you feel any negative energy, wash your hands in salt water. Like any other psychic discipline, psychometry skills will develop with time and practice.

One other interesting part of Psychometry is that it can work as a two way street and can be used for manifestation and visualization. Psychometry is an exchange of information and energy. Based on this, you are able to infuse an object with your energy. To do that, clean a crystal either by means of salt water or moonlight, then place it in your right hand, state your intention or affirmation clearly; the energy will transfer and work towards assisting you in your manifestation.

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