Shaping the Invisible


By Wendy Fournier

If you are reading this you probably already have a knowing of things that can’t necessarily be seen or explained. You probably feel as if there is a whole other world out there that the contemporary world won’t fully acknowledge without science to back it up. Maybe you are just beginning to understand your own abilities of seeing and knowing, but want help or guidance to fully embrace who you are? Or, maybe you feel confident with who you are and where you are going. Regardless, we are entering a new age where our own abilities are expanding into the unknown, where new ways of seeing and healing are being developed and discovered. Maybe you have experienced some of these heightened gifts?

This might not be new to you, but there is a reality that exists beyond the boundaries of our five senses. Our brain is a computer that is programmed to see, smell, hear, taste and feel within a particular range. Some people’s ranges differ than others and science is beginning to understand this. For example, some people can sense things about situations and people, to know whether it is good or bad. Some people can see auras. Others can hear spirit talk to them. There are dreamers, who dream what is to come. There are many other forms and abilities to shape the invisible, these are just a few. Everyone I have ever met has varying degrees of some or at least one of these abilities. We all have an internal dialogue with ourselves; it is part of being human and we each have developed different ways to survive, absorb and adapt, and filter this reality.

As we enter into this new age where anything is possible, I empower you to remember who you are. We are our ancestors. We are the masters. We are meant to be great. Maybe it is you that is meant to develop a new way to heal? A new way to see? Find a solution for any problem? It is in this new age that we have to learn to trust in these skills that shape the invisible that will take us to the next level.

I have learned that I can “see” and talk to spirit when I paint and draw. It started out slowly; the only thing I knew is that I felt connected and felt God in the beginning. As I developed as an artist, I began to fully express that communication in my art. It was truly only possible for me because I worked on all aspects of myself. I became healthy in relationships, I healed my body. I began to listen to myself in a lot of ways. In this way, I became more connected and through that a better channeler and artist. Everything is connected.

A painting unfolds in front of me in a magical way. In a way, I am told what to do next, I “see” it in my brain, in almost like a dream state. The more I developed and practiced it, the more open I have become to channel the information coming through. This was a perfect way spirit communicated to me and it’s effortless. It is different for every single person and is meant to be perfect for that person, so don’t expect yours to be the same as your friends or someone you read about. It is up to you to figure it out and it is unique to you and very beautiful.

I feel blessed that I can use my gifts of art to give people a visual of their spirit guides or personal spiritual maps. It is never an easy task to accept and love who you are or even begin the journey of self-discovery, but it is extremely rewarding. You are not alone. As I said before, be brave as you discover your own language or intuition or develop your skills. You are here for a reason and the way you “see” is exactly what this planet needs.

Here is an example of a spirit guide painting I do for people.


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