Using Stones to Maintain Optimal Health and Balance with Our Chakra System


Have you ever heard the word chakras? Ever wondered what they are and how they effect you? The first written text about our chakra systems is in ancient Sanskrit and is over 2000 years old. The word chakra literally means spinning disc or vorticy.

We have seven major chakras that run from between our legs to the top of our head, on the front and back of our bodies; there are hundreds of smaller chakras, in our hands and feet for example. Our chakras help us determine the information that we are processing. As you are reading this, all of your chakras are pulling in the information and distributing it around your body, helping it to process everything and what to do with it.

When we become stressed or have a traumatic experience, our chakras will partially or fully close; when our chakras are off balance there’s a lack of sufficient energy being sent to the chakras and physical body. This can eventually cause health issues, because if our organs have a lack of energy they will not function at their perfect optimal health. When I do chakra balancing, one of the things I do is clear the chakra of other people’s as well as our own emotions or thoughts. These in accumulation can also block a chakra.

The chakras are connected with our physical organs and each chakra governs over specific parts of the physical body. Often if you are having imbalance in your physical body, it’s because the chakra is blocked. Opening the chakra will bring about more energy for the physical body to heal and regenerate itself. Chakras also help us with various aspects in our lives. For example, if you are experiencing a lack in prosperity, your base chakra may be closed; opening this chakra will help to heal any disease and help you be open and receptive to your infinite universal prosperity and abundance.

There are a variety of stones that can be used for each chakra. Because crystals work via pyroelectric and through piezoelectric energy, just holding the stone in your hand on the chakra for 15 minutes is a sufficient amount of time to open and balance the chakra. This month we are focusing on the base chakra. The base chakra is located between our legs, at the perineum, and its main function is to keep us grounded and connected with the earth. We have cords that come out of the base chakra like tree roots, and extend deep into the earth helping us connect with her and manifest our hearts greatest desires.

The color of the base chakra is red, which also lends to our physical health and energy. The base chakra works with home, careers, stability, family, prosperity, manifesting, being connected with the earth, abundance and being grounded. Our base chakra also works with our circulatory system, bones, muscles, low back pain and feet. A good scent to use when working with our base chakra is sandalwood or any earthy scent.

Great ways to get connected with the earth are to sit on her, walk on her barefoot, garden, balance our finances, clean up our homes, listening and heeding to the physical body’s needs and wants, pampering and loving ourselves. There are a number of great stones that can be used on the base chakra. Schorl (black tourmaline) protects against negative energies of all kinds; it grounds energies, tension and stress. Dravide (brown tourmaline) is an excellent stone to help us ground because it cleanses and opens our earth chakra and grounding cord. Dravide is not as heavy as hematite and can be a “lighter” way to stay grounded; it also clears and protects the auras.

Garnet cleanses and re-energizes the base chakra as well as all the others; it is also an excellent stone to use in times of crisis. Hematite is heavy grounding and protective. Hematite absorbs lower vibrational energies and restores, strengthens and regulates our blood supply. Obsidian of any variety, strengthens our grounding cord and absorbs negative energies from our environment. Obsidian is also an excellent stone for empaths and highly sensitive people, blocking all lower vibrational energies. It also seems to ground all energies that we don’t need. Ruby stimulates our enthusiasm and passions as well as goal setting, and is also very protective and grounding.

Here’s an easy meditation to use while holding one of the chosen stones on the base chakra. Get into a comfortable meditative state where you can feel all of your feet touching the ground. Bring your awareness to your base chakra between your legs. Visualize and feel that you have a big tree root coming out of your base chakra, and extend it down into the very heart center of the earth. When you reach the center of the earth you will see a large iron core crystal. Take your tree root and tie it in a knot around the large crystal; once you do this, you will be completely grounded and connected in with the earth. Bring your awareness back up your tree root and back into your body. Go through the day feeling grounded and connected with the earth, feeling her healing energy and abundance healing every part of you!


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