Talking to Heaven


Have you ever gotten the chills when someone said something that you totally resonated with, or after an eerie coincidence? Or, found yourself led to a store only to find the perfect gift you’d been searching for? Spirit is always talking to us, we just need to be open and willing. Here are a few ways Spirit communicates with us.

Noticing the same kind of bird or animal
Last fall, five hawks landed in the park behind my yard. It looked as if one of them was injured. I had never seen more than two hawks flying together before. One of them flew into my yard and circled above me. I knew this was a mega-sign for me. Hawk is my power animal. I have a friend who calls me, “hawk girl”. The day before my birthday, a red-tailed hawk landed in my backyard and sat on the fence for ten minutes. It let us get a picture of it. Another time while meditating outside after a huge argument, one flew towards me super low and over my head.

Every bird or animal carries unique symbolism and a message. Doves are a sign of peace, prophecy, and Jesus. Owls represent magic, wisdom, the Goddess and the moon. Hawks are connected to Mercury, the god of communication. Mercury rules the astrological signs of Virgo and Gemini. I am a Virgo with a Gemini Rising. I have had many uncanny encounters with hawks. They bring the message to seek your life purpose and cultivate the vision for it. They are protectors. I feel very much guided and watched over when they visit me. I know that Spirit is ever near, telling me to stay focused on my vision and purpose, and to lean into the magic. A hawk visitation can mean that a difficult life situation will soon get easier, and to stay close to the wisdom of Spirit, and be aware.

Repeating numbers
Number sequences like 111 are a sign to watch your thoughts. We are powerful manifestors. You may start to see this one after you have prayed for guidance. If you are feeling fearful, this angel number says to keep your thoughts on what you want, and not on what you don’t want.

Seeing 888 over and over is a sign of abundance and the potential for prosperity and new opportunities on the way. 8 represents balance and the infinite dance of things coming in and going out.

When they aren’t from the cold, goosebumps are a sure sign that what we have just seen, felt or heard is resonating as truth within us. Goosebumps or angel bumps as they are sometimes called, are an electrical signal in our bodies confirming a deep truth, kind of like an intuitive sign felt all through our skin.

You may have had the experience of talking to a close friend about another person who is going through something difficult. Your deep concern and their need for help is confirmed by the both of you getting goosebumps.

You might feel goosebumps when visited by a loved one who has passed on. In my intuitive readings this comes up a lot. Feeling a breeze as if someone just walked by and no one is there, is a sign that your loved one is with you. Getting goosebumps after they walk by is a sure sign they have visited you, and they were close!

The Universe is always sending us signs and messages. There are so many ways to hear Spirit. Be open. The more open you are, the more you will get answers. This can take time. Patience and trust elevates reception. Asking for signs and spiritual guidance opens up the phone lines to Heaven. It’s comforting to know we are never alone. Even though we feel that way sometimes, Heaven is waiting on the line.


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