Be True to You & Your Creativity

Be True to You & Your Creativity

You’ve worked hard, giving it your all and creating something beautiful! You feel very pleased with your results and are confident that you will succeed, but you can’t quite understand why others don’t feel the same.

The scenario above is something quite common. Not everyone is going to feel the same way about your work that you do; this is because everyone is different, and due to those differences people have diverse tastes about what they like and dislike. As a result, what you feel is good, others may have a contrary opinion. That doesn’t mean your artwork is bad or that you failed, it just means that you have yet to arrive at your desired destination.

Art and creativity are your very personal expressions of who you are as an individual. If you are happy with your work that’s all that really matters. First and foremost, be true to you.

If for some reason you are not happy with your work and feel you need improvement, or perhaps you desire to pursue art seriously, then consider getting outside professional opinions from artists that you admire. Having critiques of your work can sometimes be very beneficial and help you grow as an artist. You may also want to consider brushing up on your skills, either by self-practice or finding classes or even watching tutorials.

In lots of cases, all that’s needed is for you to expand your audience by trying new venues to exhibit your work. It’s important to have patience, as much as you would like to have your work discovered overnight! Sometimes it takes a little bit longer than you might have desired. As long as you love what you are doing, are diligent and keep up your creative practice, you can’t help but succeed!

Namaste, Abby

About the writer: Abby Lippit

Abby Lippitt, Is an extremely talented, gifted & intuituve artist with a vibrant, vivacious, “Abvacious”, unique style all her own. Abby has been practicing and studying art & metaphysics since she was a child. Inspired by animation and driven with the desire to express her love of the sadly underrated art medium in all its forms. It is her sincere wish that the rest of the world come to appreciate the sophistication & beauty held within the heart of the animation genre as she does.

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