Creating a Better Life


By Doyle Ward

I was a rising star in the hospitality industry. I had it all — Career, Great Car, Super House and a High Level of Success. I truly had it all, including a lot of STRESS, FATIGUE and SLEEPLESS NIGHTS. My work schedule was hectic and I was in constant worry mode; there was little room for joy.

I pushed myself to achieve what I thought was success. I grew up wrongly believing: Hard Work + Sacrifice = Success and Happiness.

One day, everything came to a crashing halt. I collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. I knew that something had to change. I remembered skimming through a book by Louise L. Hay years earlier about the concept, Your thoughts create your reality.

When I got home from the hospital, I carefully reread her book, “You Can Heal Your Life”. I could see the truth in her words and was able to see that my thoughts were clearly creating my current reality. My stressing and worrying created more things for me to stress over and worry about. My life-long definition of success and happiness was making me sick and unhappy.

If I truly wanted positive change in my life, I would need to start reframing my negative thoughts into positive ones and re-define, Success and Happiness.

Since I had been inspired by Louise Hay’s book, I wondered if there were people using her philosophy that could help me. That’s when I discovered a Heal Your Life® community of workshop leaders and coaches that were ready to help. I found the Heal Your Life® workshop and signed-up to attend the next one.

The workshop was amazing and as I put into practice what I had learned, I began to see real changes in my daily life. I was able to make peace with several areas of my life and start charting my new path.

As my life started improving, I thought I could make it even better so I found a Heal Your Life® coach to work with me on my journey. It was a time of great discovery in my life. I was able to see that I was the happiest at work when I was mentoring my employees; the times when I had the opportunity to help them stretch and grow. That realization led me to become a certified Heal Your Life® workshop leader and coach.

I left the corporate world behind and now spend my days helping people explore how they can create a better life and make their dreams come true. So, in a nutshell, this work has completely transformed my life for the better just as it has helped thousands of others start creating better lives for themselves. One thing I know for sure: if you really change the ideas that are holding you back, you can change your life. I did.

Doyle Ward is a successful life coach, workshop leader and lecturer in the field of personal development. He brings his experience in the business world and his gentle, ‘doesn’t-miss-a-thing’ nature, to his spiritual-hearted practice where clients make life changing discoveries. His coaching background includes certifications as a Heal Your Life® Coach and workshop leader. In addition, he is a certified Grief Recovery® Specialist, a certified consulting hypnotist and certified instructor of hypnotism trained by The PATH Foundation. Call: 832-628-4113 or visit:


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