Using Crystals with the Sacral Chakra

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This month we will be discussing the sacral chakra. The Sanskrit name is, Svadhisthana, which means, sweetness. The sacral chakra is located two finger widths below the belly button and is the center of our creativity and pleasure. It deals with our emotions, creativity, sensuality, movement, change, intimacy, socializing, connection and sexual relationships. The sacral chakra also governs over the sacrum, genitals, knees, hips, lower back and reproductive organs.

The vibrant warm, orange hues of the sacral chakra stimulate our passions and creative energies. The sacral chakra deals a lot with creation, creativity, creating and reproduction; it wants to create and rarely lets anything stand in its way. When we tone or chant specific sounds, they can also open the chakras; the tone for the sacral chakra is “ououou” as in who or you. The element for the sacral chakra is water, which makes sense because it deals with the emotions, creativity and movement.

We move upward from the base chakra, being grounded and one with the earth to the movement and flow of water and our emotions. Some of the deities that work with this chakra are the goddess’ that work with pleasure and passion, such as Aphrodite or Quan Yin. Our sacral chakra is in direct correlation with how smoothly our emotions are flowing, and how we’re letting go to the power of our creative energies. Blocks in our sacral chakra can be likened to a pond with a dam; when the dam is blocked with emotional debris, no water or energy can get through. Emotions have a powerful energy behind them; the Native Americans believe that the word emotion means, “energy in motion”.

In the movie The Secret, they talk about how beneficial it is to manifest using the powerful energies of our emotions, especially happiness and gratitude. Because the sacral chakra is our pleasure chakra, essential oils that have aphrodisiac qualities will open the sacral chakra, igniting our passionate creative sensual sexual energies. On the emotional level, aphrodisiacs smell good and make us feel good, helping to alleviate depression, lift our mood, as well as clear the emotions. Foods that are beneficial for maintaining a healthy sacral chakra are liquids and foods that have a lot of liquid such as watermelon, fruits, as well as good filtered water.

Stones that are beneficial for the sacral chakra are Orange Calcite which cleanses the lower chakras of lower vibrational energies, and alleviates fear and depression. Carnelian enhances our motivation, creativity and vitality; it anchors us in reality. Fire Opal enhances our highest truest self, self worth, personal power and awakens our inner passions. It is a very transformative stone stabilizing the emotions. Orange Kyanite opens and aligns the chakras, enhances our intuition, alleviates confusion, illusion, blockages, anger, stress and frustration. Moonstone enhances our intuition, empathy, all of our psychic abilities and clairvoyance, and calms the emotions and stress. Sardonyx strengthens willpower, integrity, self-control, stamina and vigor. Sunstone cleanses all the chakras, brings a sunshine joy to life, enhances our leadership skills and allows the true self to shine through.
Zincite strengthens our personal power, creativity, manifesting, stimulates the kundalini, intuition and re-energizes the physical body. The Crystals can be used to open, clear, balance and strengthen the sacral chakra; only one is needed — hold the crystal on the location of the chakra for 5-15 minutes.

Other ideas you can do to open the sacral chakra are taking a bath, go swimming, talk to someone honestly about how you are feeling, journal, be creative, dance, do something that will bring you great pleasure, something that you’ve been holding off on for awhile. Also, tone or visualize your sacral chakra overflowing with vibrant hues of orange.

A great meditation to use to get in touch with the sacral chakra and your emotions is to visualize yourself lying on a beach. It’s a warm day; the temperature is comfortable with the sun shining on you. You feel the gentle lapping of the water coming up over your toes and then going back to be one with the water again. Now, think of an emotion you’ve been feeling that you want to let go of. As you feel this emotion at its very center, inhale and feel the water coming up over your head and washing over you. As you exhale, feel the wave going back down to your feet. Continue doing this with each in and out breath, allowing the water to take away all of your emotions. When you are done, feel or see the water once again resting calmly at the bottom of your feet, once again being part of the universal ebb and flow of life.

Becoming aware of our emotions alleviates their existence, as well as helping us remember how easy it is to change our thoughts and emotions by thinking about something else. Have fun!


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