Healing Art


Hello All, Abby here. It has been my joy to impart to you through my articles here in the Body Mind Spirit Guide, some of the lessons I have learned from my creative journey. I am now very happy to share with you my latest painting, “Kundalini”, along with telling you a bit more about what I do.

I am an intuitive, visual artist who specializes in transformational healing art by utilizing the art of psychometry (the ability to read subtle energies in photographs). I have been practicing and studying art and metaphysics since I was a child; inspired by my love of the arts, animation, and a desire to help transform people’s lives for the better with the ultimate goal of creating happier lives for all.

I do this by incorporating the language of light and love through brilliant digital color by streaming and channeling higher frequency energy throughout my artwork, in order to help raise people’s spirits and their connection to Source. My paintings are meant to be seen as aids and tools for transformation. I believe all good things are possible; that we can and do create our lives around us, so that being so, “Let’s all create, animate and transform our reality into the best reality possible for ourselves and our world.”

Namaste. Love, Abby

About Kundalini
This painting depicts a woman having a transcended spiritual experience, a “Kundalini Awakening” (Kundalini is Sanskrit for ‘coiled one’). It is referring to the primal energy stored at the base of the spine that rises through the chakras (‘Wheel, Energy’ nodes in the subtle bodies) to the Crown Chakra Sahasrara (‘Thousand-Petaled’) during spiritual awakening. I have chosen to capture the moment of the Sahasrara opening and starting to expand outwards; here the human body is seen as a reflection of the Universe as a Mandala.


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