The Master Jesus: The Coming of the Cosmic Christ


It is said that every time a butterfly flaps its delicate wings, a rose bursts forth into bloom, or a snail crawls its way across a stony path, the delicate web that connects all life is affected. Not just in the peaceful, tree-lined street in Michigan where these things are happening, but across the other side of the world – and even the Galaxy! By the same token, when a person somewhere on Earth gains some new insight, or has a flash of inspiration or performs an act of selfless service, the delicate balance of our Earth is improved in that degree. It is now known by quantum physicists and mystics alike, that we are all interconnected.

Does it really surprise us, therefore, that when a Cosmic Avatar of the stature of Jesus was born on this planet, this act of supreme sacrifice not only transformed the lives of those around Him, but transformed our world forever? No one, even in their wildest imaginings, could have dreamt of the incredible Love and majestic sacrifice of this one man and Master. He was, without doubt, way ahead of His time, and way ahead of humanity in spiritual stature.

Jesus, Godly in nature, had evolved through time into a Cosmic Avatar of Love, who understood the deeper mysteries of Creation. In deep compassion for the plight of humanity, He understood our need and stepped into this moment in our history – at the beginning of the Age of Pisces. His birth, which required this refined, elevated God-like intelligence to partake of the grossness of a backward, material world, was a tremendous sacrifice. Yet, the ultimate was His sacrifice of Himself for humanity. This enabled us to live and continue our evolution, which we have done throughout the centuries that followed.

Jesus was a revolutionary of the highest spiritual order. For the brief time He was with us, He illumined the physical plane and mental realms of Earth, and enabled us to appreciate more deeply the miracles of God and the mysteries of life.

It is not surprising, therefore, that His birth should become one of the most popular stories ever told. Even today, this moment in time is surrounded in mystery and magic, speculation and controversy. Why did the wise men come from the East? Was the virgin birth a myth? What really was the Star of Bethlehem? Was Jesus really born at Christmas? What does it really all mean? Like the most sublime detective novels, many have tried to solve the mystery and there are a thousand interpretations. However, in this Aquarian Age, the waters of Truth are being poured upon us and many of these mysteries revealed… It is time.

One of the most intriguing mysteries surrounding the life of Jesus was His life between the ages of 12 and 30. These eighteen years were excluded from the Gospels. After researching literally hundreds of books, stories and legends, and learning first hand from my Spiritual Master, Dr. George King, about the life of the Master Jesus, one thing is certain. Jesus did travel to other countries.

I will be giving the lecture, “The Lost Years of Jesus: The Coming of the Cosmic Christ” (see separate ad for details), and will present research that He did indeed travel extensively. I will also present the reasons why this was so essential for His Mission.


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