Spring is Nature’s Way of Saying – “Let’s Party!”


SPRING IS IN THE AIR! Spring has us thinking of fresh starts, vibrant colors, movement, and doing things differently from what we have been doing! Baby animals are born, little green or fuzzy buds show up on dead-looking branches, and tiny flowers pop up out of the ground. Neighbors come out of hibernation and talk to us once again as they trim hedges and cut their lawns. The sun gets warmer and stays out more, and the world seems so colorful and people more friendly.

And look at ALL the days of celebration just in the month of April! To name a few, there’s National Walk to Work Day, National Sibling Day, Earth Day, National Stress Awareness Day, April Fool’s Day, Take Your Child to Work Day, and of course, Passover and Easter! Springtime aligns with OPPORTUNITY. All these celebrations seem to have the common thread of bettering our relationships with ourselves, our children, our siblings, and others in our lives. We have the opportunity to create special moments and memories with the people we participate with and focus on in these celebrations.

The real meaning to these celebrations comes when we personalize them and focus on someone or something differently. Taking action by celebrating a person, focusing on ourselves, or bettering the earth somehow causes a shift, a forward movement. Walking to work or finding new ways to de-stress changes us, maybe not in a way we can see physically yet, but mentally. Thoughts like, “Wow, I made it and I feel good” pop into our conscious or subconscious mind. When we perform a positive action, we are shifting our world, moving forward, and making changes. Spring is a time to celebrate new opportunities and fresh starts! As Robin Williams said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’ “


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