Things Spiritual People Say

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The other day I was talking to my dad, a distinguished and longtime professor of Romance and Germanic languages. Every once in a while he looked confused. His head turned to the side and his eyes squinted. You know that look. He is looking for classification. His mind searches a wide database of information when I share things such as the full moon is in Cancer, it could be an emotional one, or I knew that was going to happen. I totally got the chills! After reading this he’ll be able to understand part of the code.

Here are some cute, unorthodox for sure, and distinguishable things you might hear from the mouths of magical and spiritually minded folk.

“I don’t feel well all of the sudden, I must be picking up someone else’s stuff.” Empaths or highly sensitive people, can easily absorb the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others around them. They can even feel physical ailments. Many intuitive readers, myself included, experience this in sessions. It’s called clairsentience, or clear feeling. But, if said woo-woo minded person has done their daily spiritual practice and cleared their energy, the onset of a terrible stomach ache, anxiety or intense shoulder pain could absolutely not, be their own.

“You’ve got great energy!” There you are, meeting someone for the first time, or trying out your very first meditation class and a bright-eyed, bushy tailed mandala bead wearing person with an OM tattoo, is gushing to tell you about your fabulous aura and how great your energy is!

“There is a transit in my astrology chart right now that is messing me up.” If you’ve ever gotten an astrology reading you know those transits can be nasty and last for months. Third dimensional peeps and family members will give you that side squint when you share your current challenging phase. But, there are some other bits that prove to be in your favor. By now you are unfazed and completely immune to wide-eyed, confounded stares.

“I feel really sensitive today.” Not too much to say about this one but, the full moon might just be rising.

“I can’t wear this anymore it doesn’t reflect where I am now.” It is true that we outgrow things. Keeping clothes around that we don’t wear anymore clutters up our house and personal energy. Alchemically-minded peeps throw away rings that break in half, because they know they’ve outgrown that crystal necklace or ring. It no longer reflects who, or where, they are. Getting rid of clothes and items from the past is a spiritual cleansing. Time to Kondo!

“I can’t come tonight. It’s a full moon and I have to charge my crystals!” It’s documented that more accidents and emergency visits happen on the full moon. Three days before and after, full moon energy is hot for ceremony. This is a sacred night! If you’ve gotten all your crystals out and are ready to go, and all of your jewelry, because it absorbs your energy too, you just can’t put that on hold! It’s a big deal and not to be missed. Charge away my spiritual kindred’s!

“I missed my meditation or yoga this morning. OMG! It’s going to be a long day.” Missing your daily dose of the Divine can be like not having your morning cup of coffee or tea. Until you get that sip of caffeine energy, your whole day and vibe is affected. Regular meditators and yogis need their spiritual fix.

Share this guide with your friends. They might need to know why you are the way you are, and why you’ve been wearing hot pink every day for the last few weeks to attract love.


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