Trusting Your Path


Either with our creativity or life, sometimes, try as we might, things do not always go as we plan. This, at first, can be discouraging if we allow ourselves to focus on our disappointment and heartbreak. You can, however, choose a better option, and that is to choose to trust and look for how your present circumstances are a blessing to you.

You may find that once you let go of the need to control, and truly look at your situation, it may be better than you think. This can happen when you open yourself up to truly allowing your path to unfold, and by only focusing on seeing your success as it manifests, not your old predetermined mindset of how you think it should be. You will find that your opportunities are abundant. For when you no longer limit yourself, the possibilities are endless.

How to trust your path:
1. No matter the circumstance, you find yourself focused on how it has benefited you
2. Feel good about your present accomplishments
3. Ask yourself, What would I like to achieve and how can I go about making this a reality?
4. Be open to how your success manifests itself, allowing for all good things to come

Thank you. Love, Abby


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