Atlantean Sleep Technique


Lie down in a way that is comfortable for you; if that is a position in which your spine is straight or only slightly curved, that’s best.

PEACE — Then think about a time, a place, that felt very peaceful to you. Allow yourself to remember the smells, the sights, the sounds, the sensations both in your senses and in your emotions.

PURITY — Now turn your focus to something you feel has a lot of purity, like fresh snow, a virgin forest, the untouched prairie grasses, a small animal or child. Allow yourself to reflect on the quality of purity.

ALIGNMENT WITH HIGHER WILL — There have been times in your life when you have taken actions that you know have a “rightness”, a sense of alignment with what is Good, what is God. Allow that memory of a respectful connection to a Higher Law, a better, more supportive and positive behavior, to be remembered. Rather than a willfulness, it is an alignment, a purposeful obedience to a rightness and order that is divinely connected. Notice your body’s relaxation deepen as you feel comforted by proper boundaries, proper alignment.

Now imagine a soft white light coming to the base of your spine. This soft, almost fluffy light gently spreads up your spine to your brain stem. The light spreads and softens any harden fight/flight or fear responses, allowing you to relax even more (this area of your brain controls automatic functions such as heart rate, breath, digestion, etc). The softness of the light helps you to trust Life, to trust that there is Love, and that the Light is aligned with that Love and Life.

As the light helps soften and release the back of your brain, please allow that relaxation to spread to your neck and upper shoulders. When you have become more relaxed here, then reach up with your physical hands and place them lightly on your forehead. Cover your third eye area completely, fingertips touching at the center of your forehead, thumbs near the temples, and breathe. Allow the warmth and comfort of your hands to soak into your crown chakra.

Then, with your physical hands or with your imagination, open your crown chakra by circling over it CLOCKWISE (as in the central red circle shown below). You only need to draw the circle, gently, 3 or 4 times, for the chakra to open; more is not better. The soft light swirls into the crown area and fills the entire brain with its reassuring peace, purity, and alignment to the divine. Now rest your hands, fingertips together at the top of your head, gently cradling your skull, heels of your palms near your ears. As you rest here for a little while, you may just feel the Light, Life, and Love flowing gently into you, creating a deeper and deeper inner Peace.

At this time, close your crown chakra by going COUNTER-CLOCKWISE, gently, 3 or 5 times. Then rest your hands gently back into the original posture you took for sleeping, thanking your Creator and commending yourself into the Creator’s loving hands for a restful and healing deep sleep.

Sue Burton Hidalgo, a nationally recognized healer/teacher, was voted a Top 100 Psychic by her peers. She has been healing and educating since 1980, teaching extensively throughout the USA. Sue opened the Energy Balancing Institute to share her vast knowledge and train the healers of the future. Visit: or call: 734-285-7336 for more information.


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