AyurVeda: The Science of Life


By Vaidya Dr. Rajiv Kumar

The Sanskrit term “Ayurveda” translates into English as “Science of Life”. It is an ancient spiritual and natural healing system that is many thousands of years old, which originated in the Indus-Kush Valley where the ancient land of “Bharata” or “Bharat” is located; it was later named “India” by Greeks. Ayurveda is the oldest medical system on the planet. “Rishis” (Sages) received Divine revelations as to the sacred treasures of Nature which heal all illnesses and diseases and do not merely cover symptoms. An Ayurveda Doctor is known as a “Vaidya”, and he or she must receive many years of education both spiritually and naturopathy before being allowed to assist in the increase and enhancement of the life force of others.

For example, the three “Doshas” or “Constitutions” must be known which are “Pitta” (fire), “Vata” (air), and “Kapha” (earth and water). Each of these types of Doshas have particular character traits and lifestyles which can unbalance their physical, mental, and emotional energies. When they accurately are assessed as to their specific Dosha, then the imbalances can be eradicated, and healing is the result.

The Ayurveda Vaidya will initially have the new client fill-out a questionnaire which pertains to his or her general lifestyle and eating habits, during the consultation session. Next, the Vaidya will carefully listen to the client as he or she discusses various aspects of their life conditions and do a pulse reading (pulse diagnosis). An analysis is made as to the person’s specific Dosha and the recommendations made as to the healing regimen. Ayurveda wellness healing involves certain foods, herbs, oils, gemstones, exercises, and lifestyle changes. The client will also receive particular massage treatments such as “Abhyangha” and pineal and pituitary gland re-settings involving a treatment called “Pancha”. People are amazed when they feel wonderful after perhaps many months or even years of discomfort, challenges, or full-blown illness. They are astounded that Ayurveda has been able to not only address the unwanted side effects but to also assist in healing the condition.

Also inherent in Ayurveda is the system known as “Gunas” or the “Natures” that people tend to have along with their specific Doshas, and these are: “Sattva” (peacefulness, purity of thoughts and deeds, pleasurable lifestyle, and Divine attunement), “Rajas” (controlling natures, selfishness, and erratic behavior), and “Tamas” (completely disharmonious personality, impulsiveness, delving into dark behaviors, and giving painful experiences to others). These, too, must be taken into account when assessing someone’s life incarnation on the material plane.

Because Ayurveda believes in past-life “Samskaras” or “Conditionings”, it is taught that sometimes what people are experiencing—both harmonious and disharmonious—is due to either personal or ancestral imprints upon the DNA brought into the current life. Thus, Ayurveda delves deeply into the past and the present to arrive at a diagnosis. The Ayurveda Vaidya is, therefore, also an adept intuitive modern-day Rishi, who can almost give an accurate analysis of an individual merely by observing his or her countenance upon entrance into the office.

Ancient Vedic scriptures teach about ages of time known as “Yugas”, and currently humanity is experiencing “Kali Yuga” which translates as “Age of Chaos”. In such an era, there is much disharmony wrought by warfare, political intrigue, economic chaos, family discord, community problems, health concerns, natural disasters, and other profound challenges to civilization. The spirits, minds, and bodies of people can be compromised if correct measures are not taken to elevate the consciousness to the super-consciousness of the Divine vibrations which reside in every aspect of creation. Consequently, a spiritual orientation is most necessary.

Thus, also inherent in Ayurveda is the “Sadhana” (Practice) of prayer and meditation. Connection to the Divine Absolute, i.e., the Infinite Presence, the Creator, etc., is paramount. A new client will be invited to learn what is perhaps a new level of understanding about the sacred essence that has gestated and birthed all of creation. The client will be invited to attend meditation classes and other kinds of seminars which elevate consciousness.

Farmington, Michigan is fortunate to have the ancient system of Ayurveda at its doorstep via the LOTUS AYURVEDA WELLNESS CENTER developed by Ayurvedic Practitioner Vaidya Dr. Rajiv Kumar, located at 34593 Grand River.

Upon entering the doors, fragrant relaxing aromas are detected along with the loving, welcoming smile of Vaidya Dr. Rajiv whose gentle spirit assures the potential client of having arrived at the true blessing of healing and health maintenance. Besides the meditation sessions and other services already mentioned, the center also offers classes in Reiki for certification, and vegetarian cooking.

Vaidya Dr. Rajiv (Lotus), who is part of a 170-year ancestral line of Vaidya – Ayurvedic Practitioner, is also a Grand Master / Teacher of several other metaphysical Wellness paradigms.

Others who provide services at the Lotus Ayurveda Wellness Center are:

Dr. Schavi M. Ali, known as Dr. Devi, is a Reiki/Master Teacher, a Meditation Master, a Yogini of several Yoga systems, a Gemstone Master/ Teacher and Therapist, a Dried Blood Cell Analyst, and a Vibrational Energy Scientist. And author of TRANSFORMATION OF THE AGES book available at the Center. She conducts the satsangha (the teaching of a specific spiritual principle) and meditation each Saturday.

Crystal Angel (whose birth name is Angela) is a Board Certified Naturopath and Classical Homeopath who provides herbal and homeopathic consultations. She completed her advanced studies at the British Institute of Homeopathy and in 2011 was awarded the prestigious Hahnemannian Award.

Amethyst (whose birth name is Violet) is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Counselor, and a Spiritual Healer who is associated with the Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation.

Golden Spirit (birth name is Niky) is a Licensed Massage Therapist who provides Ayurvedic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy Stretching, and Sports Therapy Techniques. Niky graduated with honors from Schoolcraft College.

These healers are powerhouses of spiritual energy. To arrange an appointment with Vaidya Dr. Rajiv (Lotus) and other Healer Practitioners, and obtain further information about the center’s offerings, call Vaidya Dr. Rajiv at: 734-708-4707. IndianReiki@gmail.com www.LotusAyurveda.org


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