New Chapter

Who is writing the story of your life? Is it your job, your kids, your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend, or your finances? Maybe it’s your health or your parents? I would like to suggest that YOU write the new chapter in the story of your life. I have had thoughts such as, “I have to stay in this job until my son graduates,” or “I am so bored with my life. What is there to look forward to?” Or, “Will I ever find a lifetime companion?” Often we think we are stuck, or our situation controls what we can be, do, or have, or where we can go.

Think of your life like a book, an unfolding story with new possibilities and adventures. Who is presenting a new adventure or possibility at each turn of the page? It seems like events, activities, and people come and go, building on the narrative of our stories. This brings me back to what I asked at the beginning of this article: Who is the author of the story of your life?

If we want adventure, a great lifelong partner, prosperity, or anything else, we need to be the authors of the story of our lives. We are not just characters in our story; we are the authors. Our work is to write our stories. We write new chapters by making choices in our lives. Our bosses don’t dictate our stories, nor do our partners or any situations in our lives. When we want to change the direction our lives are going, WE make choices that open the way for new adventures. When we want calm and peace in our lives, WE choose thoughts that will lead us to a stress-free life and take actions that result in a more peace-filled day. If we want to bring more prosperity into our lives, WE go within and are still to hear what ideas we need to act on, and then WE need to be grateful for the knowing that we are always provided for.

It is true that each day holds the potential for a new chapter in our lives.

With the choices we make, the thoughts we choose, the listening to the quiet voice inside, and the gratitude we practice, we write our own personal story. Whatever direction our life stories take, we need to KNOW that WE are the authors.

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About the writer: Faith Bower

Faith Brower is an Early Childhood Educator and Director, She has her Bachelors in English and Masters in Early Childhood Leadership. She has served in various roles at Unity Churches in Chicago and the Greater Detroit area. Faith is currently writing books for children and adults to help support them in maneuvering through divorce and death experiences.

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