You choose your mother before you are born!


As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we must take into account that you choose your mother and father before you come into this world. Some of you will say, “No Way!” But it’s true. Remember that we are spiritual beings in a physical experience. We are here to evolve our souls to a higher vibration.

Our center of all is God who works from a very high vibration; in order to be at one with God we have to be enlightened through our physical experiences. Yes, that means we have many incarnations to move through in order to graduate to the higher vibration levels of thought.

As you know, children sometimes have extremely difficult lives, either because of circumstances of their health or well-being, or as we have seen too many times from the cruelty of others. Now, no child deserves such emotional or physical distress, but we choose circumstances of our life for our learning, or to help other’s souls to evolve. Sometimes the death or suffering of children helps to bring a higher awareness of thought through the group; we think and change how society may protect children in the future. We see this in such cases as “The Amber Alert” or “America’s Most Wanted” hosted by John Walsh who lost his son to a serial child killer.

Of course not every horrific act of murder or abuse makes headlines or changes the world view, but the child’s experience can change people around them, or quietly work out the experience within their own soul. My own son faced his death when he was only nine years old. He came down with Viral Encephalitis which is nearly always fatal. He was actually visited by an angel while in the hospital. He was very ill and the doctors said that he would not live out the week. At one point my son sat up and said he was ready to leave and go with the angel. I also saw the spirit and begged for him to release my son and return him to me.

Well, my son did indeed recover, however the effects of the illness stayed with him through the years. It changed the course of my life as well as his own. My mothering skills were about to be challenged in ways I could never dream of. Knowing I had many past lives with my son, and knowing in most of his past lives he died too young, I wasn’t surprised that he was choosing to leave again, too young! However, I would not let him leave me or this life too soon again, as I know he needed to spiritually evolve in the physical world.

Being a mother is a very beautiful experience, however, it is the most difficult job in the world. You try to nurture and protect them, but through their own choices or life circumstances, sometimes you just find yourself holding them and praying for the best. All mothers know that just because the child grows into adulthood, she never stops trying to hold them close and protect them. Moms have to be strong enough to hold you up, strong enough to let you go.

You choose your mom, even when adopted; a person who adopts a child is really the mom whom the soul of the child chooses while in spirit. My mother was an adopted child and I know she chose her mom to be in her life experience just as much as a biological mom would be. We choose who will raise us so we can have the experiences we need to become a more evolved spiritual being.

Remember, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. I am grateful for all of the difficult experiences and positive experiences that the mother I chose brought to my soul; I am spiritually more evolved. My mother has moved on into spirit, however I feel her soul still connected to mine.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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