You Don’t Need to Break a Leg to Change the World

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If any of you have visited our healing center, Bodyworks Healing Center in Plymouth, Michigan, you are likely to know my wife, Pat. If you have been in recently, you are also likely to know she tore ligaments in her ankle and broke the tip of her fibula in a nasty fall. This had the effect, as you might guess, of making her immobile.

Her ankle and leg were swollen and colored with all sorts of greens, blues, purples, reds and yellows. She was to keep her leg elevated, iced and wrapped. As with any relationship, what affects one affects the other. This put an extra burden on me who was now the chief cook, dog walker, grocery shopper, chauffeur and a number of other things too.

What does one do with the time given them? Pat and I believe there are no coincidences; everything happens for a reason. So what was the Universe trying to tell us? Given she could not work, Pat used this time for inner reflection and discernment. And a good place to start is in the asking of questions.

Questions move energy and without the movement of energy there can be no change. Every day she would ask questions such as these: “What is it you want me to know?” “How can I make a difference?” “Where has my thinking been in error?” “How can I bring more love into the world?”

Answers rarely come immediately or in the form we think they should. One must simply ask and be open to receive, no matter what the answer may be. This is the path of the spiritual seeker, ask penetrating questions and be honest with self. Honesty is essential yet can be trying. Why? Because with honesty comes the acknowledgment we are the creator of our experiences. And this is a big stumbling block for many. After all, who wants to admit they created anger, grief, depression, pain, suffering, poverty. No one does, yet if we cannot accept this, we declare ourselves as victims, powerless to improve our world.

Many people do not share this world view and relegate themselves to a life of sameness because inner transformation eludes them. Yet this is so important, because your outer world is mirrored by the state of your inner world.

Once Pat asked the questions, she was ready to receive the answers. To accelerate this process she did the following:

1. Read, studied and digested inspirational material on subject matters she was drawn to

2. Reflected on the material in meditation

3. Used Ho’oponopono and other techniques to forgive illusory thinking

4. Cleared negative energy and limited thinking through breathwork and pranic healing

These steps open the doors to even more insight and questions, deepening the inner healing process. Every day and more than once a day, she dove deeper and deeper into her subconscious mind while still remaining immobile and doing as the doctor prescribed. At her six week visit to the doctor, he observed Pat as being ahead of schedule for her age, surpassing even the healing rate of college athletes with similar injuries.

Pat’s inner healing as well as the use of various alternative therapies accelerated the healing process. This is not surprising since inner healing always affects the outward form. As stated earlier, there are no coincidences. Pat’s injury was created for a reason. When you get the message, the sender no longer needs to keep sending the message. The injury is no longer needed since the message has been read. It can now heal.

This is the way it works with all our problems. Getting to the root cause, clearing the erroneous thinking behind the problem, frees the energy so something new and better can come into its place instead.

Soon after the doctor’s appointment, I was talking with Pat and mentioned how I noticed a change in her. She was more peaceful, clearer, more insightful, playful and funny. There was a sweetness about her that was attractive to me. A week or two before I noticed I began calling her Sweetie for no apparent reason. And then it struck me. I began calling her Sweetie because she was sweeter, there was a sweetness and beauty of life that was emanating from her and I was simply responding to her new energy. I felt closer to her, more connected and intimate. Her personal work, her inner reflection, sent off a vibration that caused me to unconsciously deepen my relationship with her. I alone did nothing different, and yet I was changed. I was calmer, more peaceful and tapped into a renewed faith and optimism for the direction our lives were moving in. Thank you my beloved. I love you.

It is said that for there to be peace in the world, we must first be peace. Pat’s decision to work on herself uplifted me. Your decision to work on yourself will not only brighten your life but also those around you. And here is the grand secret. The effect of your transformation is not just local. The ripple effects of your more awakened state of being send waves of energy out unto the planet to uplift and transform in ways we cannot begin to imagine or understand.

This is the power you have. Rather than condemning and criticizing the world, let us be the change we want to see in the world and watch heaven manifest on earth.

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