Intuition; Tales from the Road


On the way back from an errand last week, I kept getting the feeling to visit a shopping center on my way back home. I have two ways I usually take to get to this side of town. One of them, via the freeway, can sometimes have construction going on. On my way home, I wasn’t sure why I was strongly pulled to visit a salon. But, I followed my guidance, knowing it is always correct. Trouble is, intuition can come gently and softly sometimes. It can be tricky to read, even for a professional.

I used to travel a lot, singing in different states. I love to drive and prefer that to flying. During that time of my music career, I traveled a lot via car throughout the Midwest, Northeast and to New York quite a bit. I loved the quiet of being by myself. One New Year’s Eve, I was playing in Cleveland. The band had rehearsed a new classic tune “1999” by Prince, earlier in the day to ring in the New Year. We all came down to eat before the show. The venue had a great spread of delicious food. I was obsessed with the cherry cobbler. So obsessed, that I ate a whole lot of it! Now I’ve eaten cobbler before, so what happened next is surreal.

Before show time, I was feeling a bit wobbly and sick all of a sudden, even though I felt great earlier that day. The place was packed and so were the bathrooms. Luckily there was one open. I wasn’t going to be able to make it up to my room. I was on the floor with terrible flu symptoms. One of my band mate’s girlfriend saw me! She recognized my shoes when she peeked underneath to see why no one had come out of the stall for a while. I was so out of it, she thought I was drunk. I couldn’t talk because I had passed out. They called an ambulance for me.

She helped me out of the bathroom. I was totally surprised to see paramedics arrive! They asked me what my name was, my address, what day it was…all the questions they ask to see if you are “here” and conscious. I have chills recalling this. After they examined me and spent some time checking me out, a man was actually having a heart attack at the venue. I was still getting my bearings as he was raced out of the building on a stretcher! If the ambulance hadn’t been there for me, he wouldn’t have made it. He survived. Thank goodness! I spent the night in my room resting and recovering. The miracle of that night didn’t hit me until later.

I saw things in a different way after that experience. There is rhythm and synchronicity to life, and sometimes it is as clear and perfect as that New Year’s Eve. But so much of the time it’s not so clear. So, when I am pulled to a location from my gut and I have turned back around yet again, I follow it. After turning around twice and trying to figure it out, I gave up and headed home. Within two miles, I ended up in a huge freeway traffic jam. Then it hit me! They wanted me to turn around and take my other route home.

Intuition and synchronistic events like these reveal a whole other dimension of life, and ourselves. We are all super intuitive, we just get our information in different ways. You may hear voices, feel deeply or get hunches. Crazy coincidences and eerie events take us to the place in-between worlds, and in-between us and Spirit. Stay awake on the road and enjoy the ride. Something mystical and remarkable is up ahead.


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