The Invisible Hit


When a person says something negative about you, it feels as if a brick is thrown into your gut. In that instant, your body’s automatic response is to crunch forward as if to protect itself from the invisible impact.

You can receive several intentional or unintentional invisible hits on a daily basis. There is usually a palpable awkwardness created by the remark leaving the recipient dumbfounded or angry. To smooth things over the violator will say, “Oh, I’m only joking.” As if this comment justifies the derogatory statement that was intended for you. Our society may accept the logic of, ‘If I didn’t mean it, it didn’t happen,’ but I do not. It is disrespectful, rude, and shows a lack of consciousness when you verbally treat people in this manner. The reply is a coward’s way of making a statement that is true from their perspective. They would never seriously voice their opinion to your face fearing a conflict may ensue.

From a spiritual viewpoint, the invisible hits are not meant to weaken the spirit nor make us a victim. Instead, we can learn many valuable lessons from these spoken words if we are willing to do a bit of self-reflection. For some, it will be to protect their energy field from negative people. For others, it may be the nudge they need to begin defending themselves by speaking up. It can be an old topic between you and the transgressor who is harboring hidden issues, yet projects an air of acceptance. Sometimes, the insult may hold some spiritual truth to help us evolve or heal a matter that needs forgiveness. In your heart, you know what the person is implying and the intention of the slight. Don’t act impulsively. Take the time to look within.

It is not always in your best interest to demand an immediate explanation which could place you in the position of being more vulnerable. Take a deep breath and process what has happened, then act accordingly from the heart and logic. We don’t know and won’t always know why people say the things they do. I have decided that peace means more to me than trying to make others accept me. I am who I am, and I will not apologize for it.


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