The Power of Your Smile!


In celebration of National Power Smile Day on June 15, I want to explore how smiling can change our attitude, boost those positive emotions like joy and love, and increase thoughts of optimism. Smiling, even when we are faking it, has the ability to trick the mind and heart into thinking things are going really well and that life is good. So, even if you’re not feeling like smiling, do it anyway! If you’re open to changing your mood and your experiences with others, you’ll notice your mood shift to a more positive outlook. There’s even a chemical response in the brain called endorphins that are produced from smiling and laughing.

It’s not difficult to understand how smiling more improves the relationship with those around us. By sharing a beautiful smile, a symbol of peace and compassion, you’re telling those around you that they matter. Smiling sends the message that we are listening and are completely engaged with the person we are looking at. Most of you already know that by sending out these positive loving vibes we create, by attracting back to ourselves, a beautiful reality.

Now listen, it goes without saying, that all of our feelings need to be felt and I don’t want anyone hiding behind smiles. Yes, this really does happen. Some of the unhappiest people I’ve met like to hide behind smiles when around others. What I’m suggesting is that we genuinely embrace the joy of ourselves at our greatest, through our smiles. Honestly go to a happy place within and wear this joy in a smile. Feel it with your whole being and notice how others respond. Notice how you feel more kind and compassionate towards your fellow neighbors, friends, and family. This is a fun experiment! Have fun with yourself.

So, in celebration of our amazing selves, let’s embrace National Power Smile Day and spread some joy and love with a million smiles. When we meet, we’ll smile and have a complete knowing that our intent is to share our love of ourselves and each other.


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