Is your destiny unchangeable?


I have been a professional psychic for more than 35 years, and have been fortunate to have more than 70% of my clients report to me that my future predictions were accurate. They realized this when they listened to the taped psychic session (which I recommend highly) and heard things they did not remember or did not realize that I had predicted.

Many people are so focused on the reading and what they think they want to hear, that they don’t always relate to what you are telling them, and consequently they do not remember their session accurately.

Why not 100% accuracy you may ask? Well, that’s very simple — because future predictions can change — especially once we know our future path.

Think about it this way; if you trusted your little voice or gut feelings, you most likely made good decisions and did not plunge into something that you would have regretted. It could be something as simple as avoiding an accident when you had that feeling not to get on the freeway. Many of you have had that little voice nag at you, but you chose to ignore it…well you know what happens next, you said to yourself, I knew it, I should have listened to my feelings and not have bought that stock, or drove down the road that is now congested for hours. This is known as the “should have listened to my gut feelings syndrome.”

The gut feelings most ignored are concerning relationships. Sometimes we want it to be what we hope for, not what it is…

Or, you may be searching for a relationship, however, you just miss the signals because you don’t trust your intuition about someone you’re interested in and may not pursue it for fear of rejection. If you consulted your intuitive counselor about the outcome of your relationship, you could have a clear “love light” on the situation. If you would have only listened to your own voice along with your psychic’s insights, you may have avoided the heartache.

Others may have a career path to follow that is a sure destiny for their soul’s growth, such as becoming an actor or a musician or even a medical doctor, but you are insecure about your abilities and delay action for some time.

I read one young lady recently who was looking forward to becoming a medical doctor, but as many of you know who have come to see me for a reading, I do not ask you questions or inquire why you have sought out psychic advice. Instead, I let the universe unfold your life path from the center of all, God. I ask for only true and accurate information to come through, so that I can get a clear reading of the future.

Sometimes what God shows me does not line-up with what the client wants for themselves. In the case of this young lady who came to see me, she had her heart set on being a medical doctor – I of course did not know this because I don’t ask questions and I need to let God unfold the information for her in front of me. As I started my reading on her, and told her what I was seeing, she became very upset. Then blurted out that it is not in her plans at all to become a dentist!

She went on to say that she was applying to a college that she was sure would accept her, as this was her second attempt and the counselor at the college was very optimistic that she would get into the medical school.

She left my office that day thinking I was way off. I asked her to let me know how it went. She called a few weeks later and said they did not accept her into the school. However, she ran into a friend who said they were accepting applications for dentistry school and he felt it would be a good fit. She applied and was accepted and was very pleased as her parents said to her afterwards that they always felt she would be in the dental field.

You can avoid some real delays and aggravations in life if you listen to your little voice or have guidance from your intuitive counselor. I often equate not listening to your intuition or little voice with walking into a dark room not sure where things are in the room and hitting objects, or even getting truly hurt from falling over things in the darkness. Or, you can turn on the light and see the obstacles and clearly avoid most of the difficulties in the room. Sometimes you will have a clear understanding that some objects are not movable and you have to figure out how to get around them. Working around immovable objects in the light is far better than stumbling in the dark.

Take control of your destiny and learn to either listen to your gut feelings or visit an intuitive counselor so they can turn the light on in your room.


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