Good-bye and Claim Your Brilliance


Hello dear Body Mind Spirit readers. My readers are love warriors and I bow to your willingness to grow and evolve.

Starting July, 2017, I will be taking a pause from writing for BMS Guide. I am being guided to direct my focus in service in other ways. I am so incredibly grateful for how BMS Guide supported me and my work for the past eleven years!! Thank you!!

I am committed by any means necessary to awaken people to their True Brilliance and empower them to become Shepards of consciousness. As such, I will never pass up a teaching moment. I leave you with a recent story to remind you of the truth of your Being.

As I was waiting for my juice, I watched a man fume on the inside because of his very long wait at a health food store. I saw a cloud of red around him. After he left, a woman walked to the register smiling. I saw her mood flip on a dime as she stepped into the trail of thought energy left by the man. She said angrily, “Can we get someone here at the register!” (Even though she was second in line.) She then started to complain that she didn’t have the coupon. I decided to love her, know that she is more than her behavior, and have kind thoughts about her. All of a sudden, without being asked, the woman smiled and said, “I am OK now.” One thought of love literally fires 7-times stronger in the brain than fear.

Love can cancel out fear on the inside and out.

Interesting eh?

Love is a real force.

We all have it.

Have you taken authority over your own energy? Do you know that most people don’t think their own thoughts? I see a majority of people in a state of reaction to other peoples’ clouds of thought, the news, or societal consciousness. Some people have not had an original thought in years. Why? Many reasons:

Growth is scary.

Are afraid to claim their sovereignty.

Deep trauma.

Or, are simply not willing to unidentify with the mind.

Dear loves…Meditate daily. Step into the ‘watcher’ of your thoughts. Thoughts are felt by everyone around you. Become aware that the mind is constantly thinking…like the heart is beating. You can’t solve your problems through thinking. Creativity/insights/new ideas come from the space of the ‘no-mind’/awareness/watcher/spirit (names for the same thing).
Take authority over your life.

Ground in the wisdom of your spirit.

Meditate daily.

I would love to hear from you if you feel the Divine impulse to know the Divine as you serve others, and give your gifts in only the way you can. Go to my website: to learn more about the powerful Self Acceptance Process Certification program or call: 734-455-1438 for life changing spiritual mentoring.

Publisher’s note: It has been a privilege working with Barbra the past eleven years, and we are very grateful for the wisdom, teachings and insights that she has shared with our Body Mind Spirit community, both in our monthly publication and as host of her own show on BMS Internet Radio. Barbra, a heartfelt “Thank You.” You will be missed, and we all wish you love and great success in your future endeavors. Howard and Penny Golden


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