When Guidance is Real

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How often have you heard the phrase, “Just trust yourself” when it comes to intuition? You’ll know what to do. Sounds really great, but the truth is, connecting to your inner voice can be super challenging. Being able to connect to what we know and what is true for us, is so important. I can’t tell you how many hard decisions were easier, because I knew what my true guidance felt like. I want to share what it can feel like when your guidance is on. Here are some real methods and signs that you are connected to your inner guru, the guidance of your angels and your spiritual posse.

Positive repetitive thoughts and feelings. Hearing a thought such as, “Make time for exercise”, or, “Give yourself more time in the morning,” over and over, is usually a true sign. What’s good for you, won’t leave you alone. These consistent friendly reminders will continue to pop into your head. Whether we always listen to these healthy bits of info is another story. The guidance of these recurrent messages has our best interest at heart.

True guidance is rooted in service. Your inner voice ultimately leads you to what you came here to do. You arrived on this planet with a mission. No doubt about it, you were given gifts. Some people have the gift of creating strong community. Others have that special touch in design, or cooking or creating businesses. There are a lot of us, and we all have different and unique talents. Chances are you’re already doing your life’s work and didn’t even realize it. Authentic guidance leads into the direction of your life purpose and your contribution to the greater good.

Your own personal life coach. Accurate guidance always feels encouraging and supportive. A coach wouldn’t get mad because you procrastinated. They would ask important questions as to why your goals made the back burner, and help you create a new strategy. Intuitive guidance and your own reflection on procrastinating can bring you closer to be able to see what’s stopping you. I love journaling for this.

It feels strong and powerful. If you are clairsentient, or a clear feeler, you might feel your guidance in your gut. Our gut is our second brain. Pay attention to intense sensations in your body. During my intuitive readings I have felt the pains and the physical issues of others in my body as I am reading them. I almost fell over once when reading a woman who had triple bypass surgery. It was super relevant to her reading. Your body is an instrument of intuition, as well as your mind and vision. There is even a method called, ‘clairaulience’, meaning clear smelling. This happens a lot in mediumship. When I smell cigarette smoke in the house, it’s my Mom coming to visit, and I don’t smoke.

I created a free video series about finding your intuitive method on my website. It’s really powerful to know how you get your guidance so that you can use it!

Stay tuned for next month as I reveal what intuitive guidance does not sound like, and how to increase your intuitive guidance even more. Real guidance is never abusive, judgmental or condescending. It feels warm and reassuring like a big hug. Even if it’s something we don’t want to hear, like finishing something we’ve been putting off, or stepping out of our comfort zone, we know deep down when it’s good for us.


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