How to BE HAPPY with so Much Sadness


Early onset Alzheimer’s, cancer, loss of a job or home, deaths…life is handing out so many changes and sad news lately. What is up with that? How do we keep our focus on happiness and living the good life when these diagnoses or this news crosses our doorsteps?!

I know that when I hear this “news”, I feel sad and afraid. The why me or could that happen to me questions pop into my head. Is there a way to dodge these things ourselves or a way to prevent these from happening to a loved one? How do we keep focusing on happy things, healthy goals and fun desires after hearing this sadness?

These very questions were discussed in a Law of Attraction class I attended this week. They said, “Nothing is random in the Universe; it’s all about attraction. Like attracts like.” Our thoughts and feelings are powerful. Once we get going with a thought of despair, frustration, fear, or anger, we seem to keep gnawing at the thought, not willing to let it go – kind of like a dog and his bone. The momentum of these thoughts builds and it feels like the thoughts control us.

Great news — the opposite is true! WE control our thoughts and feelings. We need to interfere with this downhill momentum by caring about our feelings. If we are thinking about someone or something that has us feeling sad or mad, feel it. Feelings are not wrong; they simply are. Acknowledge the feelings that you have going along with those thoughts of yours. If they need to be expressed, go do that loudly or physically alone — no need to involve anyone else. Don’t affect others with your expressing.

Get it out; know that the feelings will pass after they are acknowledged and expressed verbally or in writing. Take charge; after empowering yourself by feeling what’s coming up, do whatever you need to do to shift your focus to a higher and happier thought. Go for a walk, pet an animal, take a few deep breaths in through your nose, hold them, and blow them out your mouth, meditate, or if all else fails, take a nap or go to sleep for the night. Sleeping is the magic eraser, giving you a fresh perspective.

Because we are human, we will fall in one way or another. AND because we are also MORE THAN HUMAN, we remember that we are the deliberate creators of our lives. We can pay attention to our thoughts and feelings, do the work it takes to acknowledge and express them, and then CHOOSE to shift to a higher consciousness. That is how we remain happy and healthy amid life’s challenges.


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