Higher Self – Be Here

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Who are you really? Eternal, safe and unbreakable – that’s you! The rest is just stage props and gym equipment in the drama and workout program of living. To the degree that the stage props and equipment of your body, emotions, mind and personality are aligned with who you really are – your Higher Self – you are on strong ground for living a successful and fulfilling life! You will be successful and fulfill the contracts and goals you created for increasing your soul’s capacity to be the vehicle of your true self. The outer accoutrements of your experience of life are there to either support or challenge you in succeeding in those goals.

It’s important to remember this, because if we think that who we are is the human capacity and personality, then our goals find fulfillment in comfort, pleasure and outer achievement. These things are the equipment for the journey of life, not the goal and purpose. So when you feel frustrated by these things, remember who you really are and invite your Higher Self to be the focus and guide of your life’s activities and goals. Identifying with your eternal, safe and unbreakable self, you can find the wisdom and needed gifts to master the opportunities that you are contracted for and enjoy more satisfaction in living.

Higher Self – be here can become a mantra for living that keeps you identified with your most intelligent, compassionate, capable and wise self. Higher Self – be here within body, emotions, mind, spirit and soul – direct all thoughts, and actions – bring wisdom, love and comfort to vulnerable and unhappy parts of self – respond to threats or negativity with strength, clarity and compassion – live within this life and this day, making it an experience that God in me can enjoy.

Your Higher Self is a facet of what we call God – the Oneness where all Beings are rooted and to which all of us return. Here you have access to all love, wisdom, gifts and information that you need. Its job is to train and grow your human capacity and soul to become increasingly able to fit your higher purpose like a glove fits a hand. This is why you are here!

People often long to understand their true purpose in life. Now you understand yours! This is it! Everything else is really just your workout gym and stage props! Even if you do things that are of great service to others and the world, you are always and foremost building your capacity to partner with your Higher Self. The gifts that flow from that are like a tree bearing fruit. It bears fruit to serve its own goals of reproduction, but the overflow is a gift to all. Our lives are like that.

Today I found myself encountering angry people who threw hateful energy my way. Identifying with my Higher Self, I was able to protect myself and clear that energy without having to be angry to do that. The defense of the lower self to anger is to return anger, which deflects the other’s negativity but can escalate conflict. Then the human self is left with its own anger, which is equally harmful. I love that my Higher Self knows how to protect me and clear the toxicity of anger and hatred whether from within or without! Sometimes it can’t protect because the experience has to be worked through, and that is good too. When something is damaging, I can still identify with my Higher Self to find the strength, courage and trust to learn and grow through the experience, and then it can be healed!

There are some huge indicators that we are identified with our human capacity instead of our Higher Self. Anger, fear, hatred, shame, loneliness and addiction are some obvious ones. Even when identified with our Higher Self we may feel some of those things or react from those places because we are multi-level beings. The difference is that when identified with the Higher Self we respond to those feelings in creative and empowered ways, so we have a victorious experience as we work through them. But when we are identified with our human capacity we can become stuck; unable to love ourselves, heal and grow through them.

Higher Self – be here is the response to use when you find yourself in cyclical phases of negative experience. It brings the focus of true self and oneness that opens the door for successful resolution. The challenges you are given in life are not a reflection of failure, they are an opportunity to achieve your goals and purposes. Therefore there is no shame in any circumstance, however humble it may seem. It is a chance for you to find out how strong, wise and gifted you really are, as you dig deep within to find the love and courage to master the challenge.

You are not only eternal, safe and unbreakable; you are infinite and have access through your Higher Self to all wisdom and support that is needed for your success. Remember that success is the building of the capacities you need for your Higher Self to join with your humanness like a hand within a glove. So you are weaving the glove for your Higher Self to be able to live within and act in the world.


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