UP TO THE MIC: NEW SHOW “Voice For Spirit”

I have the great pleasure of welcoming a brand-new host to the Body Mind Spirit Radio network! Deborah Smith brings her experiences, gifts, and awesome sense of humor to her brand-new show, “Voice For Spirit” which will air live every third Tuesday from 7-8 p.m., Eastern Time.

Deborah refers to her work as a, “Voice for Spirit” to help those seeking enlightenment, and to understand their own connection to the Source of all Life so they may empower themselves to create the life they wish to live. Deborah will discuss topics and tools on how to take your soul back to its original blueprint. Get excited! Over the next six months, she’ll be presenting psychic topics in a straight to the point, no sugar coating way! Topics include: ‘Return to Sender’, ‘Manipulating Love/Sex Energy’, ‘Crazy Mind Karmic Energy’ and more. Listeners will be able to call in the night of the show for a “One Question/One Card Psychic Reading” — she will tell you like it is!

Her first show aired live on April 18th and was a wonderful opportunity for her to answer questions that she had gathered from clients and fans. It also gave listeners a great opportunity to get to know Princess Deb, and to hear some of the most frequently asked questions of psychics and her very insightful answers. Her second show aired live on May 16th and covered the topic, ‘Retrieval of the Soul’.

Deborah is a naturally born gifted Medium/Psychic, whose incredible gifts were discovered at a very young age. Deborah is the master of spiritual communication. She possesses the four ‘clairs’ — Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Claircognizance (clear knowing), and Clairsentience (clear feeling), also known as Empathic (empathy). “Each life has a plan, a blueprint…I am a divine guide intended to take you back to the original Soul God created for you,” says Deborah.

I have had the honor of knowing Princess Deb for several years. She is an amazing psychic, medium, and overall wonderful person. Her gifts are a joy to behold. She has an amazing bubbly warm energy that makes you feel at home right away, and her information is delivered in a very honest and professional manner. We here at Body Mind Spirit Radio are delighted to have her, and to see all the information she has to share with you and the world. Make sure to call in to her live show to get your psychic question answered!

She is also available for private sessions, intuitive consultations, phone readings, angel/oracle readings, tarot readings, or audience readings. Visit her website: deborahpsychicmedium.com or call her at: 248-881-3905 for more information and to book your appointment or any of her services.

Venture to: www.bodymindspiritradio.com to listen to her shows in archive or to find more information about her.

If you would like to promote your business, expertise, products, or services via radio by being interviewed or by hosting your own personal show, please feel free to email your request to: [email protected]

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