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Throat Chakra

This month we will be talking about the throat chakra. The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Visuddha, meaning purification, which coincides well with the throat chakra because sound is so purifying.

The throat chakra is located in the center of the throat above our larynx. Its color is various shades and tones of light blues. It is the fifth chakra within the seven chakra system, making it a bridge from the lower chakras to the higher chakras; awareness of the physical expanding into universal consciousness.

The throat chakra directly works with self expression, sound, communication, silence, mantras, vibration, creativity, rhythm, singing, chanting, toning, sound, harmony, writing, speaking, connection and telepathy.

Sound has the amazing ability to move matter, as well as balance and heal our bodies and minds. The tone for the throat chakra is “eeeee” as in tree. Any sounds, tones or chanting help open the throat chakra, creating clearer pathways for communication.

The element for the throat chakra is ether, sound. Foods that open and energize the throat chakra are fruits. The energy of the throat chakra is to speak the truth of our hearts. Often from past lives we may have been persecuted for speaking our truth, and because we don’t want that to happen again our throat chakra remains tight; we may have a hard time communicating or it is partially closed.

Archetypes that work with our throat chakra are Hermes, Thoth and Sarswati. There are a number of light blue stones that can be used to open, cleanse and balance your throat chakra; most of the stones for the throat chakra emit a calming peaceful energy, aiding with meditation as well.

One of my favorites is blue kyanite; it opens, aligns and balances all of our chakras just by holding it or having it in our aura; it also helps us connect with the people we need to connect with to further our life path.

Aquamarine has a very watery energy to it; it is excellent for helping to clear out lower vibrational emotions. It is also a very protective stone, helping to shield highly sensitive people.

Blue Lace Agate soothes and heals the nervous system. It also helps us to understand how to use sound to help heal. Blue Topaz is a stone with a lot of energy; it clears and energizes our throat chakra. It also instills peace and hope, providing our bodies with a healing electromagnetic energy.
Blue Tourmaline also opens and clears our throat chakra, helping us to speak the truth of our hearts; all colors of tourmaline are powerful healers.

Celestite opens and clears our throat chakra, helping us speak the truth of our hearts; it also connects with our guides, creating clearer communication with all of them.
Larimar has a nurturing, peaceful, soothing energy. It helps us eliminate our fears, heals the nervous system and helps us awaken our memories during Atlantis.

Turquoise is one of the most powerful healing stones, healing on all levels and effecting all kinds of disease. It also helps us remember our oneness and connection to all.

You only need one of the previously mentioned stones to open, clear and balance your throat chakra, just by holding the stone on the throat chakra for 5-15 minutes or wearing it as jewelry.

Often when I do chakra balancing with others, I find belief systems that limit people from being able to fully express themselves. A few of them are, “Children are better seen than heard,” or being told to be quiet or shut up. Words and tones are very powerful, our thoughts create our reality. Dr. Emoto was a brilliant man doing studies with water, prayer and words and he proved how our bodies are 80% water and how our thoughts and words effect our overall well-being.

A good meditation to use to open, clear, balance and energize our throat chakra is toning or chanting. Monks will spend hours toning and chanting to create inter-dimensional doorways and for specific desired results. Have you ever heard of people chanting “OM”? It’s actually spelled and pronounced like “AUM”. AUM has a very powerful vibration; it can help protect, heal, clear and energize everything.

To tone, sit erect in a peaceful quiet environment with your head, back and neck straight. Hold the stone in your hand or on your throat chakra, inhale deeply, and as you exhale say out loud, “aaaaaaaauuuuuuummmmmm.” Repeat the in and out breath using the AUM for 5-15 minutes. When you are done, observe the silence for a few moments before getting up. All sound comes from silence; it is part of the whole sound experience. I feel that practicing toning is beneficial for people because we are often shy with our throat chakra and the vibration of the tones clear, balance and energize the throat chakra.

Mantras can also be used with a different result; monks repeat specific mantras to get specific results. They believe there are 108 earthly desires, and chanting a mantra can help counteract these desires such as greed, jealousy, anger, etc. Mantras can be used for various reasons; here is a great mantra you can use for world or inner peace “AUM Shanti AUM.” Holding one of the previously mentioned stones will help to amplify your intentions.


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