Go With Your Strengths, Find Solutions for Your Weaknesses


Being creative can sometimes be stressful or even downright difficult if you approach it from a hindering point of view; what I mean by this is an, “I can’t” attitude. This can be a self-fulfilling prophecy if you allow it. So, instead of flat-out deciding, “I can’t do that, so I will not be able to, or I just won’t,” try changing your focus from “I can’t” to “Well maybe I can if I concentrate on my strengths, and from there see how I can incorporate them into accomplishing my goals.”

For example, let’s say your strength is your ability to render forms, such as still-lifes, but not so much with the human figure. In this case, apply your knowledge that you use for still-lifes to a nude; try breaking it down into simple geometrical forms and over time, with practice, you can develop your own methodology of rendering the human form.

The objective here is to use skills and insights that you already have to forge new abilities, to strengthen your weak points by applying them in different and unexpected ways.

Remember — be adaptable, flexible, always ask, “How can I do this?” and most importantly, allow the ideas to flow. Experiment. See what works and what doesn’t and build on your success. In no time at all, you may find that what you thought you couldn’t do, lo and behold, you did do!

Namaste, Abby


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