The Archangels Among Us


Archangels: The Chief justices of the heavenly sky’s, our protectors, teachers, master healers. Divine beings of light and purity, genderless and bringers of evolution. The belief of angels can be found in religious texts all around the globe. Humankind has always found a natural fascination in the ideas of angels. They are extraterrestrial beings that assist the earth, descendants of heaven if you will. Angels have existed since the beginning of creation. Their sole purpose is to act under the whim of the creator or as some refer to this person as “God” or the “Universal life force”. Angels act as messengers to low energized presences; low ranking angels are the ones that tend to us here on earth. They bring forth comfort, guidance and protection from other entities. Angels are often affiliated with the sacred number 7. As according to Christian and Catholic beliefs there are seven Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael being the most commonly known. The number seven is associated with perfection or wholeness.

The archangels are much more powerful then the charge of low ranking angels and act as supervisors over the earth plane. Stated below are a few facts about each archangel we have among us:

Michael – Leader of all the Holy Angels – Spiritual Qualities are Faith, Power, Protection, Perfection, Divine Will, Strength, Courage “Who is like God” he is the war cry for the good angels in the heavens against any enemies . He led the celestial armies and angels who fought Satan during the War and enchained the rebel leader. He is considered to be in the class of seraphim, heading other ranks within the hierarchy: the ruler to the Archangel’s leader of the virtues.
Is associated with the element Fire, rules over Sunday and the planet Mercury. His color is red some say blue.

Gabriel – Angel of revelation – Spiritual Qualities are Purity, Order, Organization, Fulfillment, Discipline, Joy. Hero of God sitting at the left side of God. He is known to be the messenger and deliverer to the blessing of humanity. Gabriel is associated with the element water, rules over Monday and the Moon. The colors are white and sea green.

Raphael – Angel of Healing – Spiritual Qualities are Vision, Wholeness, Healing, Truth, Abundance. ” God of Healing or the Shining one that heals”. He is a member of the cherubim, dominations and power. He at times is considered to be a patron of the sciences as well as medicine, helping to teach Noah in the construction of the ark before the flood. Raphael often depicted carrying a pilgrim’s staff.

Is associated with the element Air, rules over Tuesday and his colors are sky blue and green.

Uriel – Angel of wisdom – Spiritual Qualities are Peace, Harmony, Devotion, Service, Brotherhood, Ministration . “God of Fire” His symbol is an open hand holding a flame. Uriel is associated with the element Earth, rules over Wednesday and the planet Mercury. The colors ruby and earth tones.

Jophiel – Angel of beautiful thoughts – Spiritual Qualities are Wisdom, Illumination, Understanding, and is associated with the color gold or yellow.

Zadkiel – Angel of Mercy – Spiritual Qualities are Transformation, Compassion, Mercy, Forgiveness, Freedom, Tolerance, Diplomacy, Joy and is associated with the color violet and purple.

Chamuel – Angel of peaceful relationships – Spiritual Qualities are Discernment, Love, Compassion, Mercy, Creativity, Beauty and is associated with the color pink.

As spiritualists, you can at any time call upon the archangels when we need their strength, clarification, wisdom, or compassion in our present circumstances or future endeavors. Archangels also have no limitations to their presence in our lives. They may work with a multitude of people simultaneously across the globe.

Angels are not here to disturb our everyday lives; they do not interfere with our free will. Archangels call our attention to the small things in life. The voice in the back of your head telling you to go left instead of right. Signs sent from angels are all around us we just need to be present to see. They answer our hearts unspoken questions and can help to lead us to live a more fulfilled life.


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