How to Find Peace in Times of Chaos


Everyone desires a peaceful and fulfilled life, and wishes that for others as well. Imagine a world where such desires are realized.

To find peace most people look outside themselves. They seek to control and manipulate their environment in such a way that no harm can come to them. They seek safety in the form of jobs, money, houses, friends, family. This extends to politics such that if the right person is in office then the right economics, social and military systems will be in place so that they might feel safe. History proves that such faith is misplaced. There are forces at work that is beyond our control.

We are in relationship with everything we see, not just people. We have relationships to money, health, crime, the environment, social systems, everything. Nothing is excluded. How we relate to them is how we judge them. All of this, our beliefs of what is right and wrong, often comes down to one thing.

We define our relationships from the outside in. What this means is that if something we want is not happening because of something or someone else out there, then they are the cause of our unrest. It seems logical that this is true, but it is false. Even though our senses tell us very convincingly that this is so, it is not true. This is not how the Universe works.

The world we see is but an ‘out picturing’ of what we project from within ourselves. The world is a mirror of our innermost thoughts and beliefs, secrets and desires. Many people reject this, fear it and run from it. But it doesn’t change the way things are. Instead of fearing it, Deepak Chopra suggests we think of it as a win/win. Relationships are either showing you something positive that you are reflecting out into the world, or they are highlighting that which needs your attention. This is your Soul speaking to you. It is never wrong, and it is showing you your fastest way to peace.

If you get this, really get this, and begin to unwind your chaotic thought forms from the inside out, then you will have found the secret to lasting peace. Your relationships will be renewed in ways you never thought possible. Therefore, to find peace in a world of chaos, you must learn to build relationships from the inside out.

If we cannot relate to the person or event outside of our self, then discord will set in. When we choose to disconnect, we have also chosen to unplug ourselves from the spiritual cord of Divine energy. Because this disconnects us from our Source, we open ourselves to stress, fatigue, hardships, dis-ease and illness.

We are always choosing to connect or disconnect, and we must realize we are doing this all the time. If you realize this, then you have taken the first and perhaps greatest step to finding peace in chaos. You realize you have a choice; you have claimed your power.

As the song says, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” A rather contrite and simple verse whose profundity is often missed on the uninformed. Responsibility for peace rests with you, not another. The most important relationship and the one that affects all others is the one we have with our self.

Once you have taken this powerful step forward, the next step is to bring consciousness rather than judgment to your relationships. This will create a connection on the inside that nothing on the outside can break. This is the faith of saints. Your life will be easier and more fulfilling. The outer world will become more loving, gentle and peaceful, reflecting the relationship you have newly acquired with yourself.

To raise your consciousness in such a manner requires you to begin to connect to your true self, which means you need to turn inward. Meditation and breathwork are two of the best ways to do that.

What is remarkable about the breath is that it too mirrors the energy that we are projecting out into the world. Therefore, it not only takes us inward but gives us a road map as to what energies need to be released and which need to be nurtured.

Fifteen years ago (longer if truth be told, I just wasn’t aware of it) my relationship with Pat was falling apart. There was anger, dislike, distance and finally, separation. It was only until I started to realize (and she did the same) that what was out there was in me, did things begin to change. Because she was my mirror, she gave me my greatest gift. I was blind and now I can see.

We are still together but as a more conscious couple. Our relationship is deeper, more intimate, nurturing, inspiring, and loving at levels we never thought possible.

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Om Shanti Om. I radiate peace. I am the peace of the Universe.


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