Say Yes to Memories


I am sitting on a horse, putting my weight on my back jean pockets, asking the horse to canter with my words and by sliding my one leg back a bit and squeezing…off we go. In what seems like a nanosecond, we are sailing around the ring. The wind is in my face, my horse feels like it is flying beneath me, and I am in total bliss! Memories can be made.

My mom is holding my hand, looking intently into my face, telling me how proud she is of what I have done and who I have become. Through tough times, and working hard too, I have created a life for me and my son that is really good, and she is proud of me. Over the years, I have gone back to that memory when I needed to remember her words.

We can choose to create memories by saying yes to certain experiences. We have the choice to say no and not create those moments in time that might have brought us joy, exhilaration, and amazement. Sometimes we play it “safe”. We decide it would be “easier” to stay home, or best not to spend the money. That can make sense – sometimes. Our bodies may be telling us it will serve us best to rest. Our bank accounts may be overdrawn, or we know a bill is due this week, so we choose not to participate in an adventure or outing. But what about those times we said no, AND we were rested and we had the money to participate? Have you asked yourself why you said, “No thank you.”

Often we say no because of a kind of fear of the unknown, and we think we will feel uncomfortable. We tell ourselves it is too much work to go to this or that. And with that decision, we have chosen not to create a memory. According to, “Memory is our ability to encode, store, retain, and subsequently recall information and past experiences in the human brain. It can be thought of in general terms as the use of past experience to affect or influence current behavior.” Remembering how exhilarating it felt to cantor on a horse, I want to do it again. When I am feeling defeated and question if how I am handling things with my son is right, I recall my mom’s words and I feel rejuvenated.

Memories help guide us to more peace and happiness. They can strengthen us to put that foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. They fill us with thoughts and feelings from the past that can bring us joy, laughter and even tears. By pushing past your comfort zone, taking a chance, and saying yes to doing something or going somewhere, you may just be creating a memory that could stay with you the rest of your life – and serve and bless you forever.


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