Operation Prayer Power – The Science of Love in Action


Prayer is the science of miracles and it can change the world if enough people use this spiritual power inherent within each of us. My Spiritual Master, Dr. George King, whom I was privileged to follow as a close student for over 25 years, used to say, “Prayer is a song of the soul and the soul wants to sing.” This is a liberating description of prayer! It is not limited to any religion or belief system but is a song of the soul, inherent within us all.

Dr. King fervently wished for a world where everyone would raise their hands in prayer at any opportunity to help their fellow man. He knew that if enough people prayed when they heard of a natural disaster or tragedy, wonderful results could be brought about. However, he was also a realist and knew that it would be difficult to get thousands of people praying in an intense fashion at the same time. It was this that inspired him to invent the global healing mission, Operation Prayer Power.

Dr. King was not only an enlightened Master and visionary, but he was also a spiritual scientist. Through his deepest meditations, he realized that his spiritual dream of thousands of people praying together to alleviate suffering in response to a natural disaster or at times of world crisis, could become a reality – with the aid of a spiritual technology that he invented and is at the heart of Operation Prayer Power.

Dr. King first revealed this powerful, new ecological tool to the world on his 53rd birthday, January 23, 1972. He gave Operation Prayer Power to all who wish to be of service to our world.

I have participated in Operation Prayer Power since its very beginning, atop a Holy Mountain in the mystic S.W. of England, Holdstone Down, North Devonshire. This was a life-changing experience; a glimpse of a future science – beautiful, spiritual and all-embracing – ahead of its time and yet completely and utterly of its time. I have now participated weekly in this healing mission for forty years – in England, Los Angeles, California and now Royal Oak, Michigan. I am deeply honored, humbled and overjoyed to have had this amazing spiritual opportunity in this lifetime.

Readers of Body Mind Spirit Guide are fortunate that they have access to Operation Prayer Power since it is only available at five locations in the whole world! Royal Oak is one of these, and Operation Prayer Power is held there every Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m. Operation Prayer Power involves physical equipment and the spiritual energy invoked by the chanting of mantra and by the trained dynamic prayer team, during what we call “Charging Sessions”, and is stored for use at a later time when a global disaster, war, etc., demands the release of this precious energy of Love – the energy that can heal the world.

The good news is that we will be holding a public Operation Prayer Power Charging Session which everyone can attend on Saturday, August 26, at Renaissance Unity in Warren, MI (Please see our ad for further information). We hope you can join us for what I know will be a memorable Spiritual opportunity for us all – one of great benefit to all attendees and to the world.

(For details, please see the advertisement or visit http://www.aetheriusmi.org/opp.html).


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