Where is Heaven?


I am often asked this question, Where is Heaven? Depending on your religion you may or may not have a clear picture as to what is waiting for you on the other side…

First, I find it a little bit odd that humankind has obsessed about where they are going after death. Since the beginning of recorded history, there has been some belief that there is an afterlife. Take the Egyptian Pharaohs, who spent their lifetime and fortunes on their burial digs. Of course, the commoner would have a far less elaborate tomb and mummified body preparation, so they might travel to the other side with familiar items from their life and survive in the next. Today we are moving away from the traditional funeral and embalming, opting for cremations or even using the ashes for planting a tree. Most people when they call me to help with a loved one who has passed request a “Celebration of Life” ceremony.

We have become more aware of our spiritual side with thousands of verified near-death experiences (NDE). There is more awareness that we exist beyond the body, as so many people have experienced talking with a loved one who has passed or even having their own NDE.

Having experienced being dead at least three times in front of medical doctors, I can speak from a bit of experience on this subject. We simply transcend to soul form. When I died, I transcended into a ball of energy and spoke with other higher spiritual soul energy beings. Heaven is different for everyone, as we all experience differently on Earth, so we will experience differently in spirit. Religious beliefs can also influence our understanding of what to expect when we pass. When I was in the hospital and had my NDE’s, I was embarrassed to share my experience as I did not see a tunnel of light nor even see loved ones. Instead, I felt myself floating above my body, then found that three other orbs of energy were waiting for me, but no tunnel of light…I received a great deal of information about the other dimensions which some could call heaven. However, I wondered what was up with the tunnel? Why did I not have this experience?

I also communicate with spirits all of the time during my intuitive sessions with clients; finding some spirits who did not even realize that they were not on the Earth. One day after visiting my doctor, I was prescribed too much Coumadin (blood thinner), as I have blood clotting disorders. I went to sleep one night and found myself walking into a room where my brother-in-law, Al, was sitting, actually watching TV. I’m not sure what he was watching but I suspect it was The Family (an ultimate reality show), as he died a few years earlier.

I often tell my clients about the setting in which their loved ones are living in, on the other side. But this was a life-changing experience as I had no idea my blood was much too thin from an overdose of Coumadin; Al told me to go see the doctor immediately. He said I was not supposed to be dead yet; my sister is supposed to pass on before me, according to him. Upon wakening, I went straight to the hospital and found that I was in danger, as my blood was so thin that I could have a brain bleed and die instantly. They kept me for several days until I was back to normal blood clotting range, but if it weren’t for Al, I would not have gone back to see the doctor for another two weeks!

I have seen some spirits locked in time loops repeating the same event over and over again. Sometimes loved ones will visit you while you sleep or even when you are awake; they are reaching out to let you know that they are okay, or comforting you in your time of grief or dealing with a difficult life event. I do not believe that Heaven is a place, so much as dimension(s) in which we transcend to after we have experienced what our soul needed to learn. Heaven can be very different for everyone much like living on Earth; you can have a completely different perspective as to where you are from a neighbor or someone on the other side of the planet. As we spiritually evolve, we move to a higher spiritual level where we no longer experience fear, but instead commune with God’s wisdom and Love.


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