Heartburn Problems? Acid Reflux?


I see patients regularly with complaints of heartburn and acid reflux/GERD. I find that these problems are commonly associated with a Hiatal Hernia.

The most common form of Hiatal Hernia is the sliding variety, where the opening in the diaphragm is weakened and enlarged, allowing the top of the stomach to protrude into the chest area above the
diaphragm, allowing stomach acids to enter the esophagus. The sliding Hiatal Hernia is a transient disturbance that can come and go, along with its symptoms, although the more severe it is, the more
often the symptoms are active.

Severe enough Hiatal Hernias may need to be surgically repaired. However, with functional changes that I can help my patients with, surgery is usually not necessary. There are natural procedures to reposition the Hiatal Hernia and reflexes to treat at home, to strengthen the diaphragm.

The most common sources of aggravation for a Hiatal Hernia are lying down after eating, leaning over objects that push up on your belly (examples are auto mechanics leaning over a car or a person cleaning their bathtub putting pressure on the abdominal area with the side of the tub), pregnancy
(baby pushing up on the stomach) and even pants with too tight a belt, to name some of the culprits. I have found that an imbalance of stomach acids and even food sensitivities/allergies can also be a problem. One patient even had smoking as the cause of her Hiatal Hernia slipping upward.

The Hiatal Hernia is known as the Great Mimicker, for when it is active, one can think they’re having a heart attack. It can also imitate the symptoms of other digestive disturbances, shoulder problems, neck problems, jaw pain and hiccups.

If you would like more information on Hiatal Hernias, please call me, Dr. Sherry Yale, D.C., at TLC Holistic Wellness! Call: 734-664-0339.


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