Ancient Wisdom


By Joe Kidd

I have been contemplating and dreaming about ancient wisdom for a number of days and nights, so therefore I am compelled to write about a concept that is most important to all living creatures.

Over the years, I have been quite fortunate to have lived long enough to study and practice many diverse world traditions. I have taken vows and found myself immersed in ritual and sacrament, some disturbing, some comforting, all of them nourishing and enlightening.

One thing that became clear from the start is that all wisdom originates from the same source. It shares a single purpose, and it is universal and timeless.

Unlike knowledge which may be impermanent, changeable, and limited in its impact, wisdom is the truth in action. In this case, the truth is the truth because it is always true. Knowledge comes to us from various sources. Different schools of thought often exist in opposition and conflict in their interpretations and understanding. Knowledge is learned. Wisdom is known!

It is my experience that there is but one world. Wherever that world is, and whatever we are as living beings, we are alive in that world. Our illusion of separation is formed in the reality that we all live in the world that lives in ourselves. When we, as individuals, are at peace, the world is at peace. When we are violent, the world is violent, and so on. Wisdom in its essence, gives us the power and ability to view ourselves from a distance so that we may jettison the burden and the cloak of such illusions.

Therefore, let us come to the agreement that, while wisdom by definition is ancient, it is also as modern as the moment it is realized. Then let us proclaim this great wisdom not merely in words, or prayer, but also, let our actions and interactions be the loving and healing vehicles that we employ to advance its benefits to every being that we encounter.

Joe Kidd studied Theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit. A poet and writer, he and partner Sheila Burke, received the Michigan Governor’s Award for World Peace, and two Songwriters Of The Year awards. Visit: Email:


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