“Center for Spiritual Living” Opens in Detroit!


By Rev. Noreen Keller

Hello all you beautiful Spirits. It is with boundless joy and excitement that I introduce myself, my name is Noreen Keller. And since graduating from Ministerial school a year ago, I now get to call myself Rev. Noreen Keller, founding Minister and Spiritual Leader for the First Center for Spiritual Living in Michigan; Detroit Center for Spiritual Living! The Detroit Center for Spiritual Living is a New Thought metaphysical teaching, under the Founder of Centers for Spiritual Living, originally called Religious Science, Ernest Holmes, author of the text, Science of Mind and Spirit.

This teaching is a philosophy based on transforming an individual’s life through changing old limiting belief’s that no longer serve to the highest and greatest good an individual chooses to experience. This is a teaching allowing an individual to come to the knowing and understanding that each of us has the power within to change our life to that of a life filled with joy, abundance, love, good and all that we really KNOW our life is supposed to be, right!

It is a guide for us to experience this greater good in ALL moments of life. It has brought me in my own life to the heights of awareness in almost every moment (always working toward that higher level of consciousness) of being and living from the principles that I have embodied from the philosophy and applying it in my life. I invite you to come and be in this high vibrational energy as we together create this new community with this vision and commitment of creating a world that works for everyone and everything!

Here are some testimonials from a few beautiful souls that have walked this journey and what it has meant for each of them.

— I was introduced to Science of Mind in 1995 and have been connected ever since. Although I had a more traditional religious upbringing, the spiritual philosophy resonated with me immediately. In overly simplistic terms, I would describe the philosophy as one rooted in the love of all, acknowledgment of the one Divine presence available for everyone’s good and a practical application of spiritual laws for good.

Science of Mind (SOM) principles can supplement existing beliefs or be the core of one’s beliefs. I have personally adopted this philosophy and have been experiencing a greater sense of understanding, peace, joy and love. I am so happy that Rev. Noreen and the Detroit Center for Spiritual Living are back in Michigan! Nikkie Elder

–The first time I walked into the Science of Mind study group it felt like walking into a family gathering; like walking into a family dinner that had already begun in my childhood home. I was a little ‘late for dinner’ but it didn’t matter. I was immediately welcomed and accepted.

That was several years ago, and my life is now so much richer, fuller. I am no longer self-conscience or worried. Rev. Noreen’s natural beauty, joy and radiance drew me in, ready to explore and joyfully and courageously engage! SOM has guided my spiritual exploration; I’ve finally found my path! Suzie Karls

— Science of Mind Study Group & Detroit Center for Spiritual Living; I’ve experienced both groups from their start, and am very happy and grateful to have done so. While Detroit CSL holds full church services on Sundays, the SOM group is primarily a Study group engaged in studies and discussions of the Principles of Science of Mind. Both are led by Rev. Noreen Keller, a truly dynamic and engaging leader.

SOM principles teach the relationship between God [Spirit/Universal Mind] and the created forms of life, [including humanity] and emphasizes the LOVE and God’s Givingness in this relationship. Further, the teachings emphasize the unity among people; its mission is: “ A world that works for everyone”. Andrew Anyanonu


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